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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
16-Jul-2003 IT middleware services for an exploration web Lamarra, N.
25-Jul-2013 IT Project Management Office: office quarterlies Stefanini, Mike; Hahn, Darryl
4-Nov-2002 IT symposium program Little, K.
Dec-2000 It's more than just the beach! Fisher, D.
18-Apr-1999 It's Time to Transition to Production - Now What? Jansma, P. A.; Montgomery, M.; Werntz, D.; Payne, M.
29-Oct-2001 Iterative and combined trellis decoding of GMSK and FQPSK with short constraint length convolutional codes Lee, D.; Lee, T.-Y.
Jul-2000 An iterative approach to multisensor sea ice classification Remund, Q. P.; Long, D. G.; Drinkwater, M. R.
13-Oct-2003 Iterative demodulation and decoding of coded non-square QAM Li, L.; Divsalar, D.; Dolinar, S.
8-Nov-1998 Iterative Information-Reduced Carrier Synchronization Using Decision Feedback for Low SNR Applications Simon, M.; Vilnrotter, V.
8-May-2006 Iterative mechanism solutions with scenario and ADAMS Rhoades, Daren
8-Jul-2001 Iterative preconditioned solvers in electromagnetic computations Cable, V. P.
1-Jun-1999 Iterative Repair Planning for Spacecraft Operations Using the Aspen System Rabideau, G.; Knight, R.; Chien, S.; Fukunaga, A.; Govindjee, A.
22-Oct-2000 Iterative Turbo Decoder Analysis Based on Gaussian Density Evolution Divsalar, D.; Dolinar, S.; Pollara, F.
27-Jul-1997 ITTT: a state-of-the-art ultra-lightweight all-Be telescope Paquin, R. A.; Coulter, D. R.; Stier, M. T.; Macenka, S. A.
Jun-1995 ITU Recommendations Regarding Propagation Effects on Mobile Satellite Links Davarian, F.
3-Dec-1997 The ITU-R Handbook: The Selection and Use of the Precise Frequency Systems Sydnor, R. L.
1993 IUE Views the Solar System Nelson, R. M.
12-Mar-1997 IV and V Issues in Achieving High Reliability and Safety in Critical Control System Software Nikora, A. P.; Schneidewind, N. F.; Munson, J. C.
13-May-2003 IV&V - a JPL perspective (institutional status and lessons learned) Sigal, B. C.
8-Jul-2001 IVHM (Integrated Vehicle Health Management) techniques for future space vehicles Baroth, E. C.; Zakrajsek, J.; Powers, W. T.; Fox, J.; Prosser, B.; Pallix, J.; Schweikard, K.
27-Apr-1999 IVHM Sensor Technology Baroth, E.
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