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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Oct-1993 The Magellan Venus Mapping Mission: Aerobraking Operations Lyons, Daniel T.; Saunders, R. Stephen; Griffith, Douglas G.
Oct-1993 The Magellan Venus Mapping Mission: Science Operations Saunders, R. S.; Griffith, D. G.
21-Oct-2002 Magmatic and structural interaction at Mt. Etna volcano (Italy) observed with SAR interferometry Lundgren, P. R.
1993 Magnetic and Electric Field Waves in Slow Shocks of the Distant Geomagnetic Tail: ISEE 3 Observations Coroniti, F.; Moses, S.; Greenstadt, E.; Tsurutani, B.; Smith, E.
30-May-2000 Magnetic Anomalies and Tectonics on Mars Raymond, C.; Smrekar, S.; Stofan, E.
Nov-1997 Magnetic Cloud Field Intensities and Solar Wind Velocities Gonzalez, Walter D.; Clau de Gonzalez, Alicia D.; Tsurutani, Bruce T.; Arballo, John K.
15-May-2001 Magnetic cloud induced magnetic storms: a lack of classical substorm expansion phases Tsurutani, B. T.; Zhou, X. Y.; Gonzalez, W. D.
Apr-1995 Magnetic Device Design and Evaluation Capabilities at JPL Katti, Romney
Jun-1995 Magnetic Device Design and Evaluation Capabilities at JPL Katti, R.R.
15-Sep-2004 Magnetic effects change our view of the Heliosheath Opher, M.; Liewer, P. C.; Velli, M.; Gombosi, T. I.; Manchester, W.; DeZeeuw, D. L.; Toth, G.; Sokolov, I.
8-Feb-2003 Magnetic field and fluctuations in the high latitude solar wind: solar maximum and minimum Smith, E. J.
1995 The Magnetic Field in L1457, Multiband Photopolarimetry Andersson, B.; Wannier, P.B.
15-Sep-2004 Magnetic field in the outer heliosphere. Smith, Edward J.
21-Apr-2003 The magnetic field strength in molecular clouds Padoan, P.; Nordlund, A.; Jimenez, R.
1993 Magnetic Field Structure in Monoceros R2 Jarrett, T.H.; Novak, G.; Xie, T.; Goldsmith, P.F.
1993 Magnetic Force Microscopy Images of Magnetic Garnet With Thin-Film Magnetic Tip Wadas, A.; Moreland, J.; Rice, P.; Katti, R.
Jul-1995 Magnetic Merging Locations Deduced from: Slow-Mode Shock Orientation Determinations, Boundary Layer Wave Intensities and Energetic Ion Velocity Dispersion in the Distant Geomagnetic Tail Ho, C.M.; Tsurutani, B.T.; Smith, E.J.; Murphy, N.
1995 Magnetic Observations During the Recent Declining phase of Solar Activity Smith, E. J.
11-Jul-1994 magnetic Observations During the Recent Declining Phase of Solar Activity Smith, Edward J.
Jun-1995 Magnetic Packages for Vertical-Bloch-Line (VBL) Memory Chip Lieneweg, Udo
20-Mar-1999 Magnetic Percolation and Giant Spontaneous Hall Effect in La(1-x)A(x)Co0(3) (A=Ca,Sr;x=0.1-0.5) Vasquez, R.; Yeh, N-C.; Samoilov, A.; Fu, C.; Beach, G.
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