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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Aug-2000 Water and Ice Detection in the Polar Regions: The Marsis Experiment on Mars Express Plaut, J.
20-Sep-2009 Water contaminant mitigation in ionic liquid propellant Conroy, David; Ziemer, John
19-Jul-1999 Water Ice Cloud Opacities and Temperatures Derived From the Viking IRTM Data Set Tamppari, L.; Zurek, R.; Paige, D.
5-Apr-2011 Water ice clouds and dust in the Martian atmosphere observed by Mars Climate Sounder Benson, Jennifer L.; Kass, David; Heavens, Nicholas; Kleinböhl, Armin
15-Dec-2000 Water Ice Grain Size Variations on Europa Shirley, J.; Carlson, R.
Jul-2000 Water Quality and Temperature Mapping Using ASTER Abrams, M.; Kishino, M.; Matsunaga, T.; Kato, M.
12-Sep-1994 Water Relations of Two Neotropical Rainforest Types in the Lowlands of the Amazon Basin at Rio Manu, Peru Zimmermann, R.; Oren, R.; Terborgh, J.
Jul-1995 Water Vapor and Zenith Path Delay Time Series Obtained With the Global GPS Network Freedman, A. P.; Gross, R. S.; Marcus, S. L.; Shulz, K.
15-Dec-2001 Water vapor enhancements in an Athena II rocket plume Herman, R. L.; Friedl, R. R.; Gandrud, B. W.
1995 Water Vapor From 600 cm-1 Through the v2 Band Toth, R.
3-May-2005 Water vapor intercomparisons TES - AIRS - AMSR Eldering, Annmarie; Pagano, Thomas S.; Granger, Stephanie; Kahn, Brian; Irion, Bill; Fetzer, Eric; Olsen, Ed; Lee, Sung-Yung; Okonek, Sharon; Friedman, Steve; Fishbein, Evan; Gaiser, Steve; Aumann, Hartmut; Elliott, Dennis
Jul-2006 Water vapor measurement and compensation in the near and mid-infrared with the Keck interferometer nuller. Koresko, Chris D.; Colavita, Mark M.; Serabyn, Eugene; Booth, Andrew; Garcia, Jean I.
Mar-1998 Water Vapor Measurements Between 590 cm***sup1*** and 2582 cm***sup1***: Line Positions and Strengths Toth, R. A.
Jan-2000 Water Vapor Sensitivity Analysis for AVIRIS Radiactive-Transfer-Model-Based Reflectance Inversion Green, R.
27-Feb-2006 Water vapor, water-ice clouds, and dust in the North Polar Region Tamppari, Leslie K.; Smith, Michael D.; Bass, Deborah S.; Hale, Amy S.
Feb-1999 The Water-Fountain Nebula IRAS 16342-3814: Hubble Space Telescope/Very Large Array Study of a Bipolar Protoplanetary Nebula Sahai, R.; Hekkert, P.; Morris, M.; Zulstra, A.; Likkel, L.
May-1993 Water-Group Ion Distributions in the Mid-Cometosheath of Comet Halley Huddleston, D. E.; Neugebauer, M.; Goldstein, B. E.
13-Nov-2000 A water-transfer technique for a continuous membrane MEMS deformable mirror Yang, E.
27-Jul-2000 Wave function engineering for normal incidence infrared detection Ting, D. Z.; Bandara, S. V.; Liu, J. K.; Gunapala, S. D.; Rafol, S. B.; Mumolo, J. M.
27-Nov-1996 Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Composite Plates Mal, Ajit; Guo, Dawei; Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Lih, Shyh-Shiuh
1-Oct-2000 Wave propagation in the 1999-2000 Artic early winter stratosphere Sabutis, J.; Manney, G.
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