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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Jun-2000 Keynote Address for UML World Conference Larson, S.
14-Jun-2012 The keys to successful extended missions Manor-Chapman, Emily A.
Dec-1994 KIDSAT Way, JoBea
Apr-1999 The KidSat Project Flight System Baker, J.; Woodring, J.; Leach, A.; Lane, J.; Spohr, R.
1999 The KidSat Project Way, J.; Baker, J.; Andres, P.; McGuire, J.; Galindo, M.; Fox, J.; Stork, E.
2001 Kinematic characteristics of a Meiyu front detected by the QuikSCAT oceanic winds Liu, W. T.; Chen, G. T.-J.; Yeh, H.-C.
13-Dec-2000 Kinematic GPS surveys in support of the Shuttle Radar Topography Mission (SRTM) Webb, F. H.; Smiczek, D.; Mur, T. J. M.
24-Apr-2000 Kinematic Observers for Articulated Rovers Balaram, J.
18-Dec-2008 Kinematic slip model for 12 May 2008 Wenchuan-Beichuan Mw 7.9 earthquake from joint inversion of ALOS, Envisat, and Teleseismic data Fielding, Eric; Sladen, Anthony; Avouac, Jean-Philippe; Li, Zhenhong; Ryder, Isabelle; Burgmann, Roland
22-Mar-1999 Kinematic State Estimation for a Mars Rover Balaram, J.
Jul-1995 Kinematics of Disks Around T Tauri Stars Koerner, David W.
20-Jun-2005 A kinetic and product study of the Cl + HO2 reaction Hickson, Kevin M.; Keyser, Leon F.
Nov-2003 A kinetic approach to the pondermotive force Dasgupta, B.; Tsurutani, B. T.; Janaki, M. S.
Jun-1997 Kinetic Energy Distribution of D(2p) Atoms From Analysis of the D Lyman-a Line Profile Ciocca, Marco; Ajello, Joseph M.; Liu, Xianming; Maki, Justin
1995 Kinetic Energy Distribution of H(2p) Atoms from Dissociative Ajello, J.M.; Ahmed, S.M.; Kanik, I.; Multari, R.
Jul-1995 Kinetic Energy Distribution of H(2p) Atoms from the Electron Impact of H<sub>2</sub> Ajello, J. M.
12-Feb-2001 Kinetic inductance photodetectors based on nonequilibrium response in superconducting thin-film structures Karasik, B. S.; Sergeev, A. V.; Gogidze, I. G.; Mitin, V. V.
7-Jul-1993 Kinetics and Mechanism of the CIO + CIO Reaction: Pressure and Temperature Dependences of the Bimolecular and Termolecular Channels andThermal Decomposition of Chlorine Peroxide, CIOOCI Nickolaisen, Scott L.; Friedl, Randall R.; Stanley P. Sander
17-Jun-2001 Kinetics of CIOOCI reactions Friedl, R.; Ingham, T.; Sander, S.
1995 Kinetics of FO2 with NO, NO2, O3, CH4, and C2H6 Li, Z.; Friedl, R.R.; Sander, S.P.
26-Mar-2000 Kinetics of Formation and Absorption Cross Section of the CIO Dimer Bloss, W.; Sander, S.; Nickolaisen, S.
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