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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1999 ISOCAM 15mum Search for Distant Infrared Galaxies Lensed by Clusters Helou, G.; Barvainis, R.; Antonucci, R.
20-Dec-2000 An ISOCAM based search for brown dwarfs in the Hyades Ali, B.; Forrest, W.; Leggett, S.; Stauffer, J.
29-Dec-2000 The ISOCAM field-of-view distortion correction Ali, B.; Ott, S.; Vo, T. D.; Gastaud, R.; Okumura, K.
2000 ISOCAM Observations of Normal Star-Forming Galaxies: The Key Project Sample Dale, D.; Silbermann, N.; Helou, G.; Valjavec, E.; Malhotra, S.; Beichman, C.; Brauher, J.; Contursi, A.; Dinerstein, H.; Hollenbach, D.; Hunter, D.; Kolhatkar, S.; Lo, K.; Lord, S.; Lu, N.; Rubin, R.; Stacey, G.; Thronson, H.; Werner, M.; Corwin, H.
1996 ISOCAM* Observations of NGC 6946: Mid-IR Structure Malhotra, S.; Helou, G.; van Buren, D.; Kong, M.; Beichman, C. A.; Dinerstein, H.; Hollenbach, D. J.; Hunter, D. A.; Lo, K. Y.; Lord, S. D.; Lu, N. Y.; Rubin, R. H.; Stacey, G. J.; Thronson, H. J. Jr.; Werner, M. W.
1994 Isolated Deep Earthquakes and the Fate of Subduction in the Mantle Lundgren, Paul; Giardini, Domenico
May-1997 Isolated Fluid Oxygen Drop Behavior in Fluid Hydrogen at Rocket Chamber Pressures Bellan, J.; Harstad, K.
29-Apr-2004 Isolated post resonator mesogyroscope Challoner, Dorian; Peay, Chris; Wellman, Joanne; Shcheglov, Kirill; Hayworth, Ken; Wiberg, Dean; Yee, Karl; Sipppola, Clayton
10-Dec-2001 Isolation and characterization of novel microbes from a spacecraft assembly facility Quigley, M. S.; Kempf, M.; Venkateswaran, K.; Kern, R.
21-Dec-2000 The ISOLWS-IRAS cross-calibration of extragalactic sources Brauher, J.; Lord, S.
Dec-1998 Isophot - Photometric Calibration of Point Sources Schulz, B.; Huth, S.; Kinkel, U.; Lemke, D.; Acosta, J.; Braun, M.; Castaneda, H.; Cornwall, L.; Gabriel, C.; Heinrichsen, I.; Herbstmeier, U.; Klaas, U.; Laureijs, R.; Muller, T.
14-Sep-1999 ISOPHOT Mapping of Vega-type Circumstellar Dust Fajardo-Acosta, S.; Backman, D.; Stencel, R.
Sep-1998 ISOPHOT Observations of Dust Disks Around Main Sequence (Vega-Like) Stars Walker, H. J.; Heinrichsen, I.
20-Oct-1998 ISOPHOT Studies of the Chemistry of a Pre-Protostellar Core Langer, W.; Velusamy, T.; Willacy, K.
1996 An ISOPHOT Study of the Disk of Galaxy NGC6946: 60┬Ám Infrared and Radio Continuum Correlation Lu, N. Y.; Helou, G.; Tuffs, R.; Xu, C.; Malhotra, S.; Werner, M. W.; Thronson, H.
14-Mar-1994 Isostasy Models and Correlations of Geoid and Topography Data for Characteristic Highlands on Venus Kucinskas, A.; Turcotte, D.
1994 Isostatic Compensation of Equatorial Highlands on Venus Kucinskas, A.; Turcotte, D.
5-Dec-1994 Isostatic Compensation of Ishtar Terra Kucinskas, A.; Turcotte, D.; Arkani-Hamed, J.
Aug-1995 Isostatic Compensation of Ishtar Terra, Venus Kucinskas, Algis
1994 The Isotope Effect of the O<sub>2</sub>a<sup>1</sup><img src="delta.gif"><sub>g</sub> Rotational Constant Cohen, E. A.; Okunishi, M.; Oh, J. J.
7-Aug-2001 The isotopic composition of cosmic-ray calcium Wiedenbeck, M. E.; George, J. S.; Binns, W. R.; Christian, E. R.; Cummings, A. C.; Davis, A. J.; Israel, M. H.; Leske, R. A.; Mewaldt, R. A.; Stone, E. C.; Rosenvinge, T. T. von; Yanasak, N. E.
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