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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Hybrid Simulations of Interstellar Pick-Up Ion Acceleration at the Solar Wind Termination Shock Rath, S.; Liewer, P. C.; Goldstein, B.
Jan-2000 Hybrid Simulations of Preferential Heating of Heavy Ions in the Solar Wind Liewer, P.; Velli, M.; Goldstein, B.
25-Jan-2003 Hybrid single mode lasers fabricated using Si/SiO2/SiON micromachined platform Ksendzov, A.; Mansour, K.
28-Jan-2003 Hybrid single mode lasers fabricated using Si/SiO2/SiON micromachined platforms Ksendzov, A.; Mansour, K.
1993 A Hybrid Symmetric FEM/MOM Formulation Applied to Scattering by Inhomogeneous Bodies of Revolution Hoppe, D. J.; Epp, L. W.; Lee, J-F.
5-Dec-2012 hybrid-cloud science data system enabling advanced rapid imaging & analysis for monitoring hazards Hua, Hook; Owen, Susan; Yun, Sang-Ho; Lundgren, Paul; Moore, Angelyn; Fielding, Eric; Sacco, Gian Franco; Radulescu, Costin; Simons, Mark; Stough, Timothy M.; Wilson, Brian; Mattmann, Chris; Cervelli, Peter F.; Poland, Michael; Cruz, Jennifer
1-Mar-2008 A hybrid-FPGA system for on-board data processing targeting the MATMOS FTIR instrument Bekker, Dmitry L.; Lukowiak, Marcin; Shaaban, Muhammad; Blavier, Jean-Francois L.; Pingree, Paula J.
25-Aug-1996 Hybriding Behavior of Gas-Atomized AB<sub>5</sub> Alloys Bowman, R. C. Jr.; Witham, C.; Fultz, B.; Ratnakumar, B. V.; Wllis, T. W.; Anderson, I. E.
3-Mar-2012 Hybrids of solar sail, solar electric, and solar thermal propulsion for solar-system exploration Wilcox, Brian H.
11-Aug-2003 HYDRA : High Speed Simulation Architecture for Precision Spacecraft Formation Flying Martin, Bryan J.; Sohl, Garett A.
11-Aug-2003 HYDRA : High-speed simulation architecture for precision spacecraft formation simulation. Martin, Bryan J.; Sohl, Garett.
30-Jul-2012 A hydraulic motor-alternator system for ocean-submersible vehicles Aintablian, Harry O.; Valdez, Thomas I.; Jones, Jack A.
May-2012 Hydraulic tidal and wind power system sizing Jones, Jack A.
30-Jul-2012 A hydraulic-alternator system for ocean submersible vehicles Aintablian, Harry O.; Valdez, Thomas I.; Jones, Jack A.
26-Apr-1999 Hydrazine Detection with a Tunable Diode Laser Spectrometer Houseman, J.; Webster, C.; Jackson, J.; Brown, P.
Jun-2005 Hydrazine inactivates bacillus spores Schubert, Wayne; Plett, G. A.; Yavrouian, A. H.; Barengoltz, J.
11-Nov-2002 Hydride compressor sorption cooler and surface contamination issues Bowman, R. C.; Reiter, J. W.; Prina, M.; Kulleck, J. G.; Lanford, W. A.
1994 Hydro-Isostatic Deflection and Tectonic Tilting in the Central Andes: Initial Results of a GPS Survey of Lake Minchin Shorelines Donnellan, A.; Bills, B.; deSilva, S.; Currey, D.; Emenger, R.; Lillquiat, K.; Worden, B.
1994 Hydrochloric Acid and the Chlorine Budget of the Lower Stratosphere Webster, C.; May, R.; Jaegle, L.; Hu, H.; Sander, S.; Gunson, M.; Toon, G.; Russell, J. III; Stimpfle, R.; Koplow, J.; Salawitch, R.; Michelsen, H.
10-Aug-2007 Hydrodynamical simulations of the Jet in the Symbiotic Star MWC 560. III. application to x-ray jets in symbiotic stars Stute, Matthias; Sahai, Raghvendra
19-Mar-2001 Hydrogen and halogen oxide radical spectroscopy in the laboratory and the atmosphere: applications to studies of stratospheric ozone depletion Sander, S. P.; Cageao, R. P.; Christensen, L. E.; Okumura, M.; Bloss, W. J.; Friedl, R. R.; Ingham, T.; Mills, F. P.; Nemtchinov, V.; Okumura, M.
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