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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-Jun-2011 UAVSAR instrument : current operations and planned upgrades Lou, Yunling; Hensley, Scott; Chao, Roger; Chapin, Elaine; Heavy, Brandon; Jones, Cathleen; Miller, Timothy; Naftel, Chris; Fratello, David
18-Apr-2012 UAVSAR Observations of slip on faults in the Salton Trough associated with the 2010 M 7.2 El Mayor‐‐Cucapah earthquake Donnellan, Andrea; Parker, Jay
Mar-2006 The UAVSAR phased array aperture Chamberlain, Neil; Zawadzki, Mark; Sadowy, Greg; Oakes, Eric; Brown, Kyle; Hodges, Richard
21-Jul-2013 UAVSAR program : initial results from new instrument capabilities Lou, Yunling; Hensley, Scott; Moghaddam, Mahta; Moller, Delwyn; Chapin, Elaine; Chau, Alexandra; Clark, Duane; Hawkins, Brian; Jones, Cathleen; Marks, Phillip; Michel, Thierry; Muellerschoen, Ron; Shimada, Joanne; Zheng, Yang
16-Jun-2002 Ubiquitous open magnetic field lines in the inner corona Woo, R.; Habbal, S. R.
Sep-2003 UCLA Parallel PIC Framework Decyk, Viktor K.; Norton, Charles D.
7-Sep-2003 UCLA parallel PIC framework Decyk, Viktor K.; Norton, Charles D.
22-Oct-2006 UHF relay antenna measurements on Phoenix Mars Lander mockup Ilott, Peter; Harrel, Jefferson; Arnold, Bradford; Bliznyuk, Natalia; Nielsen, Rick; Dawson, David; McGee, Jodi
25-Jun-2003 A UHF SAR mission to Mars Freeman, A.; Campbell, B.
25-Jun-2003 A UHF SAR mission to Mars Freeman, A.; Campbell, B.
15-Dec-2010 UKMO/JPL Discussion 2010 Larour, Eric; Rignot, Eric; Seroussi, Helene; Morlighem, Mathieu
14-Jun-2012 ULH water vapor measurements during ATTREX Autumn 2011 deployment Herman, Bob; Troy, R.; Fu, D.; Natzic, D.; Landeros, J.
5-May-2014 ULSGEN (Uplink Summary Generator) Wang, Y.-F.; Schrock, M.; Reeve, T.; Nguyen, K.; Smith, B.
5-May-2014 ULSGEN (Uplink Summary Generator) Wang, Yeou-Fang; Schrock, Mitchell; Reeve, Tim; Nguyen, Kristine; Smith, Ben
27-Oct-2000 Ultimate DWDM format in fiber-true bit-parallel solitons on WDM beams Yeh, C.; Bergman, L. A.
8-Jul-2013 Ultimate limits to resource efficienc in photonic communitions Erkmen, Baris I.; Moision, Bruce E.; Dolinar, Sam
21-May-2006 Ultimate whispering gallery mode resonator and nontrivial relationship between spectrum and shape Maleki, Lute; Grudinin, Ivan; Savchenkov, Anatoliy A.; Matsko, Andrey B.; Strekalov, Dmitry; Mohageg, Makan; Ilchenko, Vladimir S.
14-May-2001 Ultra fast plasma analyzer : an all-sky camera for charged particles Goldstein, B.; Vaisberg, O.; Chornay, D.; Keller, J.; Avanov, L.; Brinza, D.; Croley, D.; Sittler, E.; Moore, T.; Rozmarynovsky, P.; Fuselier, S.; Ghielmetti, A.
1995 Ultra Fine-Scale Structure in the Inner Corona Woo, R.
1995 Ultra Fine-Scale Structure in the Inner Corona Woo, R.
17-Mar-2003 Ultra high-resolution electrospray ionization/ion mobility spectrometer system for in-situ detection of organic compounds: abiotic amino acids Beegle, L. W.; Terrell, C. A.; Kim, H.; Kanik, I.
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