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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jan-2001 Two-dimensional Active Pixel InGaAs Focal Plane Arrarys Kim, Q.; Lange, M.; Cunningham, T.; Pain, B.
19-Dec-2000 Two-dimensional active pixel InGaAs focal plane arrays Kim, Q.; Lange, M. J.; Wrigley, C. J.; Cunningham, T. J.; Pain, B.
1-Jun-2004 Two-dimensional characterization of atmospheric profile retrievals from limb sounding observations Worden, J. R.; Bowman, K. W.; Jones, D. B.
29-Apr-1996 Two-Dimensional Hydrodynamic Modeling of the Solar Wind Termination Shock and the Global Heliosphere Liewer, P. C.; Karmesin, S. R.; Brackbill, J. U.
24-Jul-1994 Two-Dimensional Interdigitated Pixel Detector for Energetic Particle Spectrometers Cook, W.; Cummings, A.; Mewaldt, R.; Williams, D.; Cunningham, T.; Mazed, M.; Fossum, E.
8-Aug-1994 Two-Dimensional Phase Unwrapping fo SAR Interferograms by Charge Connection Through Neutral Trees Rosen, Paul A.; Hiramatsu, Atsushi; Werner, Charles L.
5-Aug-1996 Two-Dimensional Position-Sensitive Silicon Detectors for the ACE Solar Isotope Spectrometer Wiedenbeck, M. E.; Christian, E. R.; Cook, W. R.; Cummings, A. C.; Dougherty, B. L.; Leske, R. A.; Mewaldt, R. A.; Stone, E. C.; von Rosenvinge, T. T.
21-Feb-1994 Two-Dimensional Spectra of Sea Level Variations Derived from TOPEX/Poseidon Data Fabrikant, A.; Glazman, R.; Greysukh, A.
13-Oct-2000 Two-dimensional Spectral Analysis of SeaWiFS and Topex/Poseidon Data Supports Theory of Wave-Induced Variations of Passive Tracers Glazman, R.; Weichman, P.
26-Jan-2005 Two-element optical array receiver concept demonstartion Vilnrotter, Victor; Lau, Chi-Wung; Andrews, Kenneth; Srinivasan, Meera
3-Aug-1996 Two-Laser Heterodyne Metrology for a Separated Spacecraft Interferometer Morgan, R.; Shaklan, S.; Yu, J.
7-Jun-2001 Two-phase thermal control technology applications for future spacecraft at JPL Birur, G.
7-Jan-2001 Two-Photon Interferometry for High Resolution Imaging Strekalov, D.
7-Jan-2001 Two-photon interferometry for high-resolution imaging Strekalov, Dmitry; Dowling, Jonathan
6-Jan-2002 Two-photon processes in faint biphoton field Strekalov, D.; Stowe, M.; Jackson, D.; Dowling, J. P.
30-Apr-1999 Two-Slit Diffraction, Entanglement, and Nonlocality Dowling, J.; Williams, C.
Jul-1997 Two-Step Development of Geomagnetic Storms Masuda, S.; Kamide, Y.; Gonzalez, W.
2-Sep-2003 Two-way atmospheric radio occultation: a powerful new technique for probing tenuous planetary atmospheres Spilker, T. R.; Rappaport, N. J.; Archer, E. D.
9-Mar-2002 A two-way noncoherent ranging technique for deep space missions Bryant, S.; Reynolds, M. K.; Reinhart, M. J.; Bokulic, R. S.
11-Mar-2003 Two-way ranging during early mission phase Berner, J. B.; Kinman, P. W.
11-Mar-2003 Two-way ranging during early mission phase Berner, J. B.; Kinman, P. W.
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