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two-dimensional field of sea surface height wave systems statistical spatial inhomogeneity
two-dimensional low power dual (visible/IR) responses InGaAs PIN InP JFETs
two-dimensional low power dual responses InGaAs PIN InP JFETs
two-dimensional scatterers cylinder Monte Carlo Simulation diffractin tomography
two-dimensional x-ray
two-phase flow
two-phase heat transfer
two-port networks S-parameters microwave measurement techniques
two-way range measurements Mars rotational variations polar moment of inertia
type-II superlattice
type-II superlattice (T2SL)
typphoon biological response QuikSCAT TRMM SeaWifs
u-v sampling spectral gradients interferometric images ultra violet image processing techniques
U.S. Lander
U.S. National Communication System Advanced Communications Technology Satellite
U.S. National Environmental Policy Act
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