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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Jun-2012 How to implement SKA digital signal processing so that it uses very little power D'Addario, Larry R.
20-Jun-2012 Dynamic modeling of the SMAP rotating flexible antenna Nayeri, Reza D.
20-Jun-2012 Enabling high performance instruments for astronomy and space exploration and ALD Greer, Frank; Lee, M. C.; Hoenk, M. E.; Jones, T. J.; Jacquot, B. C.; Dickie, M.; Monacos, S.; Nikzad, S.; Day, P.; Leduc, R.; Hamden, E.; Schiminovich, D.; Beasley, M.; Gantner, B.; Morrissey, P.; Martin, C.
19-Jun-2012 A model-based approach to engineering behavior of complex aerospace systems Ingham, Michel; Day, John; Donahue, Kenneth; Kadesch, Alex; Kennedy, Andrew; Khan, Mohammed Omair; Post, Ethan; Standley, Shaun
19-Jun-2012 Logic model checking of time-periodic real-time systems Florian, Mihai; Gamble, Ed; Holzmann, Gerard
19-Jun-2012 Model-based verification and validation of spacecraft avionics Khan, M. Omair; Sievers, Michael; Standley, Shaun
19-Jun-2012 Titan Montgolfiere balloon analysis and design using computational fluid dynamics simulations Hall, Jeffery L.; Vargas, Andre; Colonius, Tim; Dieudonne, Walter; Feldman, Yuri; Jones, Jack; Reh, Kim; Nott, Julian
19-Jun-2012 Fault mitigation schemes for future spaceflight multicore processors Alexander, James W; Clement, Bradley J.; Gostelow, Kim P.; Lai, John Y.
19-Jun-2012 A blueprint of an International Lunar Robotic Village Alkalai, Leon
19-Jun-2012 Modeling approach for operations revitalization Bindschadler, Duane
19-Jun-2012 Deep Space Network (DSN) mission interface overview Kurtik, Susan
19-Jun-2012 DSN Aperture Enhancement Project Office Marina, Miguel
19-Jun-2012 Spacecraft status report : 2001 Mars Odyssey Boyles, Carole
19-Jun-2012 Architecting the Human Space Flight Program with Systems Modeling Language (SysML) Jackson, Maddalena M.; Fernández, Michela Muñoz; McVittie, Thomas I.; Sindiy, Oleg V.
19-Jun-2012 Overview of the NASA/JPL UAVSAR and Porting to the Global Hawk Hensley, Scott; Lou, Yunling
19-Jun-2012 Reverberant acoustic testing and direct field acoustic testing acoustic standing waves and their impact on structural responses Kolaini, Ali R.; Doty, Benjamin; Chang, Zensheu
19-Jun-2012 Modal MAC launch loads for SMAP structural design Tsuha, Walter S.; Peng, Chia-Yen P.
19-Jun-2012 Low density supersonic decelerator design verification test dynamics:  damping assessment and vibration mitigation Contreras, Michael
19-Jun-2012 Development of MSL Rover loads by ADAMS Skycrane Simulation Peng, Chia-Yen; Lih, Mike; Ortiz, Gary
18-Jun-2012 The organic aerosols of Titan’s atmosphere Sotin, Christophe; Lawrence, Kenneth; Beauchamp, Patricia M.; Zimmerman, Wayne
18-Jun-2012 Correlations of the seasonal variability of AIRS Mid-tropospheric CO2 with MODIS Derived Gross Primary Productivity (GPP) Pagano, Thomas S.; Nguyen, Hai; Olsen, Ed; Ruzmaikin, Alex; Jiang, Xun
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