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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
12-Mar-2012 Percussive Augmenter of Rotary Drills (PARoD) Badescu, Mircea; Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Sherrit, Stewart; Bao, Xiaoqi; Chang, Zensheu; Donnelly, Chris; Aldrich, Jack
12-Mar-2012 Miniaturization of planar horn motors Sherrit, Stewart; Ostlund, Patrick N.; Chang, Zensheu; Bao, Xiaoqi; Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Widholm, Scott E.; Badescu, Mircea
11-Mar-2012 Single Piezo-Actuator Rotary-Hammering (SPaRH) drill Sherrit, Stewart; Domm, Lukas; Bao, Xiaoqi; Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Chang, Zensheu; Badescu, Mircea
8-Mar-2012 Europa Mission Concept Studies : Early Formulation MBSE and Lessons Learned Bayer, Todd; Cole, Bjorn; Cooke, Brian; Dekens, Frank; Delp, Chris; Chung, Seung; Gontijo, Ivair; Grimes, Jim; Jenkins, Steve; Jones, Susan; Moshir, Mehrdad; Rasmussen, Bob; Wagner, Dave
8-Mar-2012 Technologies for Mars Exploration Edwards, Chad
8-Mar-2012 Relay support for the Mars Science Laboratory and the coming decade of Mars Relay Network Evolution Edwards, Charles D., Jr.; Arnold, Bradford W.; Bell, David J.; Bruvold, Kristoffer N.; Gladden, Roy E.; Ilott, Peter A.; Lee, Charles H.
8-Mar-2012 Toward a Model-Based Approach for Flight System Fault Protection Day, John; Meakin, Peter; Murray, Alex
8-Mar-2012 Technology development for high efficiency optical communications Farr, William H.
8-Mar-2012 BPTAP : a new Approach to IP over DTN Tsao, Philip; Nguyen, Sam
7-Mar-2012 Assuring that Lessons Learned Critical to Mission Success Get Used Oberhetting, David
7-Mar-2012 On the design of the Axel and DuAxel rovers for extreme terrain exploration Matthews, Jaret
7-Mar-2012 Exploring the Art and Science of Systems Engineering Jansma, P. A. “Trisha”; Leising, C. Jeff
7-Mar-2012 Observations for CMIP5 Simulations Teixeira, J.; Waliser, D.; Crichton, D.; Braverman, A.; Boland, S.; Williams, D.; Gleckler, P.; Taylor, K.; Potter, J.
7-Mar-2012 Power spectrum of uplink array signals in the presence of phase and delay errors Vilnrotter, Victor.A.
7-Mar-2012 Experimental evaluation of the “Polished Panel Optical Receiver” concept on the Deep Space Network’s 34 meter antenna Vilnrotter, Victor.A.
7-Mar-2012 Development and testing of a rotary percussive sample acquisition tool Klein, Kerry; Badescu, Mircea; Haddad, Nicolas; Shiraishi, Lori; Walkemeyer, Phillip
7-Mar-2012 The Geostationary Fourier Transform Spectrometer Key, Richard; Sander, Stanley; Eldering, Annmarie; Miller, Charles; Frankenberg, Christian; Natra, Vijay; Rider, David; Blavier, Jean-François; Bekker, Dmitriy; Wu, Yen-Hung
7-Mar-2012 Geostationary Carbon Process Mapper (GCPM) Key, Richard; Sander, Stanley; Eldering, Annmarie; Miller, Charles; Frankenberg, Christian; Natraj, Vijay; Rider, David; Blavier, Jean-François; Bekker, Dmitriy; Wu, Yen-Hung
6-Mar-2012 Recent development of component technologies for 2 μm LIDAR at JPL Forouhar, Siamak; Briggs, Ryan; Frez, Clifford; Bagheri, Mahmood; Ksendzov, Alexander; Menzies, Robert; Hyon, Jason
6-Mar-2012 Distributed Motor Controller (DMC) for operation in extreme environments McKinney, Colin M.; Yager, Jeremy A.; Mojarradi, Mohammad M.; Some, Rafi; Sirota, Allen; Kopf, Ted; Stern, Ryan; Hunter, Don
5-Mar-2012 Using polarimetric SAR data to infer soil moisture from surfaces with varying subsurface moisture profiles Khankhoje, Uday K.; van Zyl, Jakob; Kim, Yunjin; Cwik, Thomas
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