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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
30-Jan-2012 A survey of symplectic and collocation integration methods for orbit propagation Jones, Brandon A.; Anderson, Rodney L.
26-Jan-2012 Determining asteroid masses from planetary range : a short course in parameter estimation Kuchynka, Petr
24-Jan-2012 MBSE for a product line : MOS 2.0 Bindschadler, Duane
24-Jan-2012 MBSE in Development: SMAP Pilot Project Donahue, Kenny; Kadesch, Alex; Khan, Omair; Post, Ethan; Gomez-Mustafa, Jose; McKelvin, Mark; Sneddon, Scott; Day, John; Ingham, Mitch; Jimenez, Alex; Salvo, Chris; Standley, Shaun
24-Jan-2012 Limits on achievable dimensional and photon efficiencies with intensity-modulation and photon-counting due to non-ideal photon-counter behavior Moision, Bruce; Erkmen, Baris I.; Farr, William; Dolinar, Samuel J.; Birnbaum, Kevin M.
24-Jan-2012 Evaluation of deep-space laser communication under different mission scenarios Biswas, Abhijit; Piazzolla, Sabino; Moision, Bruce; Lisman, Douglas
24-Jan-2012 Boundary layer remote sensing with combined active and passive techniques: GPS radio occultation and high-resolution stereo imaging (WindCam) small satellite concept Mannucci, A.J.; Wu, D.L.; Teixeira, J.; Ao, C.O.; Xie, F.; Diner, D.J.; Wood, R.; Turk, Joe
23-Jan-2012 Single lens dual‐aperture 3D imaging and the color remapping Bae, Sam Y.; Korniski, Ronald; Ream, Allen; Fritz, Eric; Shearn, Michael
22-Jan-2012 Progress on Integrating OWL and SysML Jenkins, Steven; Rouquette, Nicolas
22-Jan-2012 Reliability of high I/O high density CCGA interconnect electronic packages under extreme thermal environments Ramesham, Rajeshuni
21-Jan-2012 Vibration-insensitive disk-resonators for metrological applications Chembo, Yanne K.; Baumgartel, L. M.; Yu, N.
21-Jan-2012 Exploring the frequency stability limits of whispering gallery mode resonators for metrological applications Chembo, Yanne K.; Baumgartel, Lukas; Grundinin, Ivan; Strekalov, Dmitry; Thompson, Robert; Yu, Nan
21-Jan-2012 Intelligent image analysis for image-guided laser hair removal and skin therapy Walker, Brian; Lu, Thomas; Chao, Tien-Hsin
21-Jan-2012 Challenge team status : MBSE and CubeSat Spangelo, Sara C.; Kaslow, David; Delp, Chris; Cole, Bjorn; Anderson, Louise; Fosse, Elyse; Gilbert, Brett Sam; Hartman, Leo; Kahn, Theodore; Cutler, James
21-Jan-2012 On approaching the ultimate limits of communication using a photon-counting detector Erkmen, Baris I.; Moision, Bruce E.; Dolinar, Samuel J.; Birnbaum, Kevin M.; Divsalar, Dariush
21-Jan-2012 Single lens dual‐aperture 3D imaging system: color modeling Bae, Sam Y.; Korniski, Ronald; Ream, Allen; Fritz, Eric; Shearn, Michael
18-Jan-2012 U.S. perspective on a U.S. contribution to Euclid Rhodes, Jason
18-Jan-2012 Yearly Progress Update On the Class Y Initiative Agarwal, Shri
18-Jan-2012 Infusion of new technology into the QML system Agarwal, Shri
18-Jan-2012 Spatial Statistical data fusion for remote sensing applications Nguyen, Hai; Katzfuss, Matthias; Cressie, Noel; Braverman, Amy
16-Jan-2012 Progress on the development of a simulation environment for optical communications Shields, Joel; Srinivasan, Meera; Regehr, Martin W.
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