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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Jun-2012 Achieving BLISS : challenges for building fast, ultra-sensitive transition-edge sensors. Beyer, Andrew D.; Runyan, M. C.; Kenyon, M.; Echternach, P. M .; Chui, T.; Bumble, B.; Bradford, C. M.; Holmes, W. A.; Bock, J. J.
13-Jun-2012 Exploring the response of the central US Agro-Ecosystem to climate change Drewry, Darren; Kumar, Praveen; Sivapalan, Murugesu; Liang, Xin-‐Zhong; Bernacchi, Carl; Long, Steve
13-Jun-2012 Automated spacecraft conjunction assessment at Mars and the Moon Berry, David; Guinn, Joseph; Tarzi, Zahi; Demcak, Stuart
13-Jun-2012 Performance testing of Yardney MCMB-LiNiCoAlO2 lithium-ion cells possessing electrolytes with improved safety characteristic Smart, M. C.; Whitcanack, L. D.; Krause, F. C.; Hwang, C.; Ratnakumar, B. V.; Santee, S.; Puglia, F. J.; Gitzendanner, R.
13-Jun-2012 Replacing the CCSDS Telecommand Protocol with Next Generation Uplink. Kazz, Greg; Burleigh, Scott; Greenberg, Ed
13-Jun-2012 Automation and process improvement enables a small team to operate a low thrust mission in orbit around the asteroid Vesta Weise, Timothy M.
13-Jun-2012 Engineering a Multimission approach to navigation ground data system operations Gerasimatos, Dimitrios V.; Attiyah, Ahlam A.
12-Jun-2012 Using quality attributes to bridge systems engineering gaps : a Juno ground data systems case study. Dubon, Pat
12-Jun-2012 Using quality attributes to bridge systems engineering gaps : a Juno ground data systems case study Dubon, Lydia P.; Jackson, Maddalena M.; Thornton, Marla S.
12-Jun-2012 Mapping Volcanic Emissions with Interactive RT Modeling Realmuto, V. J.; Berk, A.
12-Jun-2012 Concept for Mars polar rover and ice sampling excursion Calvin, Wendy; Kahn, Cindy
12-Jun-2012 Miniature tunable laser spectrometers for quantifying atmospheric trace gases, water resources, Earth back-contamination, and in situ resource utilization Webster, Chris; Blacksberg, Jordana; Flesch, Greg; Keymeulen, Didier; Christensen, Lance; Forouhar, Siamak
12-Jun-2012 MRAM technology and status Heidecker, Jason
12-Jun-2012 Improving operations : metrics to results Faris, Grant B.; Bryant, Larry W.
12-Jun-2012 NASA integrated network monitor and control software architecture Shames, Peter; Anderson, Michael; Kowal, Steve; Levesque, Michael; Sindiy, Oleg; Donahue, Kenneth; Barnes, Patrick
12-Jun-2012 SCaN integrated network monitor & control software architecture SysML model of trade space options Shames, Peter; Anderson, Mike; Kowal, Steve; Levesque, Mike; Sindiy, Oleg; Donahue, Kenny; Barnes, Patrick
12-Jun-2012 Old spacecraft, new mission : EPOXI’s approach to the comet Hartley-2 Rieber, Richard
12-Jun-2012 Re-engineering the mission operations system for the Prime and Extended Mission Hunt, Joseph C.; Cheng, Leo Y.
12-Jun-2012 Cost-effective telemetry and command ground systems automation strategy for the Soil Moisture Active Passive (SMAP) Mission Choi, Josh; Sanders, Antonio
12-Jun-2012 Communicating by doppler : detecting spacecraft dynamics during critical maneuvers Asmar, Sami W.
12-Jun-2012 Towards an optimal noise versus resolution trade-off in wind scatterometry Williams, Brent
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