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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Oct-2012 Sub-kHz linewidth GaSb semiconductor diode lasers operating near 2 μm Bagheri, Mahmood; Briggs, Ryan M.; Frez, Clifford; Ksendzov, Alexander; Forouhar, Siamak
8-Oct-2012 JPL development in retrieval algorithms for geostationary observations : applications to H₂CO Kurosu, Thomas P.; Kulawik, Susan; Natraj, Vijay
9-Oct-2012 The celestial reference frame at X/Ka-band status & prospects for improving the south. Jacobs, Christopher S.; Alonso, J.; Clark, J, E,; Gamborino, L.; Garcia-Miro, C.; Horiuchi, S.; Lobo, J.; Madde, R.; Mercolino, M.; Snedeker, Naudet L.; Sotuela, I.; White, L.
9-Oct-2012 10 Gb/s Lasercom terminal for satellites Hemmati, Hamid; Kovalik, Joseph M.
9-Oct-2012 Development of the optical communications telescope laboratory : a laser communications relay demonstration ground station Wilson, K. E.; Antsos, D.; Roberts, L. C. Jr.,; Piazzolla, S.; Clare, L. P.; Croonquist, A. P.
9-Oct-2012 Obtaining accurate change detection results from high-resolution satellite sensors change detection; Bryant, N.; Bunch, W.; Fretz, R.; Kim., P.; Logan, T.; Smyth, M.; Zobrist, A.
9-Oct-2012 The earth system grid federation : an open infrastructure for access to distributed geospatial data Cinquini, Luca; Crichton, Daniel; Mattmann, Chris; Bell, Gavin M.; Drach, Bob; Williams, Dean; Harney, John; Shipman, Galen; Wang, Feiyi; Kershaw, Philip; Pascoe, Stephen; Ananthakrishnan, Rachana; Millerg, Neill; Gonzalez, Estanislao; Denvil, Sebastian; Morgan, Mark; Fiore, Sandro; Pobre, Zed; Schweitzer, Roland
9-Oct-2012 E-DECIDER : experience developing earthquake disaster decision support and response tools Glasscoe, Margaret; Donnellan, Andrea; Stough, Timothy; Parker, Jay; Burl, Michael; Granat, Robert; Pierce, Marlon; Wang, Jun; Ma, Yu; Rundle, John; Yoder, Mark; Bawden, Gerald W.; Gorelik, Seth
10-Oct-2012 Solid state multinuclear magnetic resonance investigation of electrolyte decomposition products on lithium ion electrodes DeSilva, J .H. S. R.; Udinwe, V.; Sideris, P. J.; Smart, M. C.; Krause, F. C.; Hwang, C.; Smith, K. A.; Greenbaum, S. G.
10-Oct-2012 Development of the optical communications telescope laboratory : a laser communications relay demonstration ground station Wilson:, K. E.; Antsos, D.; Roberts, L. C. Jr.,; Piazzolla, S.; Clare, L. P.; Croonquist, A. P.
10-Oct-2012 Wide operating temperature range electrolytes for high voltage and high specific energy Li-ion cells. Smart, M. C.; Hawng, C.; Krause, C.; Soler, J.; West, W. C.; Ratnakumar, F. C.; Amine, K.
11-Oct-2012 The science case for GNSS-R Earth Resources and Remote Sensing; Mannucci, Anthony J.; Lowe, Stephen T.; Komjathy, Attila; Ao, Chi O.; Meehan, Thomas K.; Thompson, Andrew F.
11-Oct-2012 Development of methanol electrolysis system for hydrogen production Valdez, Thomas I.; Billings, Keith J.; Kisor, Adam K.
11-Oct-2012 Electrolytes with improved safety developed for high specific energy Li-ion cells with Si-based anodes Smart, M. C.; Krause, F. C.; Hwang, C.; Soler, J.; West, W. C.; Ratnakumar, B. V.; Prakash, G. K. S.
11-Oct-2012 Roughness corrections for Aquarius SSS retrieval Yueh, Simon; Tang, Wendy; Fore, Alex; Hayashi, Akiko; Neumann, Greg
12-Oct-2012 Micro-XRF : elemental analysis for in situ geology and astrobiology Hodyss, Robert; Wade, Lawrence
13-Oct-2012 Exoplanet Direct Imaging SAGs Noecker, Charley; Greene, Tom
15-Oct-2012 Measuring isotope ratios across the solar system Webster, C. R.; Mahaffy, P. R.
15-Oct-2012 Non-intrusive shock measurements using laser doppler vibrometers Statham, Shannon M.; Kolaini, Ali R.
15-Oct-2012 Variable Coded Modulation (VCM) with AR4JA/C2 LDPC Codes Hamkins, Jon; Sielicki, Tom
15-Oct-2012 Evaluating the impact of NASA's strategic and competed planetary missions Vane, Gregg; Coppin, Ann; Cruikshank, Dale; Johnson, Torrence; Jorgensen, Edward; Kinney, Anne; McGrath, Melissa; McNutt, Ralph; Spilker, Linda; Zurek, Richard
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