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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
15-Aug-2011 CHPS: more than just a tasty snack JPL’s collaboration hosting platform service Chiang, Jonathan
15-Aug-2011 Libraries on the Go : mobile websites and apps Chiang, Dudee; Smith, Alexander
14-Aug-2011 Deep Space Network-Wide Portal Development : planning service pilot project Wolgast, Paul; Barkley, Erik; Doneva, Silviya
13-Aug-2011 Low-power architectures for large radio astronomy correlators D'Addario, Larry R.
13-Aug-2011 Assessing the age of an asteroid’s surface with data from the International Rosetta Mission Alexander, Claudia; Lopez, Juan Carlos
13-Aug-2011 Microwave limb sounder observations of polar middle atmosphere: decadal and inter-annual variability Lee, Jae N.; Wu, Dong L.; Ruzmaikin, Alexander; Manney, Gloria J.; Hameed, Sultan
11-Aug-2011 Resolution assessment in dynamic image formation Butala, Mark D.
11-Aug-2011 Navigation of the EPOXI spacecraft to comet Hartley 2 Bhaskaran, Shyam; Abrahamson, Matt; Chesley, Steven; Chung, Min-Kun; Halsell, Allen; Haw, Robert; Helfrich, Cliff; Jefferson, David; Kennedy, Brian; McElrath, Tim; Owen, William; Rush, Brian; Smith, Jonathon; Wang, Tseng-Chan; Yen, Chen-Wan
11-Aug-2011 Wake cycle robustness of the Mars Science Laboratory Flight Software Lam, Danny; Whitehill, Robert
11-Aug-2011 Analysis of ultra high resolution sea surface temperature level 4 datasets Armstrong, Ed; Vazquez, Jorge; Wagner, Grant
11-Aug-2011 Analysis of multiscale ultrahigh resolution (MUR) sea surface temperature data sets. Vazquez, Jorge; Armstrong, Edward; Sehler, Robin
10-Aug-2011 In-flight tuning of the Cassini RCS attitude controller Brown, Todd
10-Aug-2011 Cassini attitude control operations – guidelines levied on science to extend reaction wheel life Mittelsteadt, Carson O.
10-Aug-2011 Disentangling aerosols and clouds in APS's footprints using its multi-angle multi-spectral polarimetry-diverse data Davis, Anthony B.
10-Aug-2011 Characterizing observed limit cycles in the Cassini main engine thrust vector control system Rizvi, Farheen; Weitl, Raquel
9-Aug-2011 Climate model diagnostic and evaluation : with a focus on satellite observations Waliser, Duane
9-Aug-2011 High‐speed generation of illumination spectra for a stereoscopic endoscope Fritz, Eric
8-Aug-2011 Estimation of Enceladus plume density using Cassini flight data Wang, Eric K.; Lee, Allan Y.
8-Aug-2011 Characterizing observed limit cycles in the Cassini main engine guidance control system Rizvi, Farheen; Weitl, Raquel M.
8-Aug-2011 Attitude Determination and Control Subsystem (ADCS) preparations for the EPOXI flyby of comet Hartley 2 Luna, Michael E.; Collins, Steven M.
8-Aug-2011 Cassini orbit trim maneuvers at Saturn – overview of attitude control flight operations Burk, Thomas A.
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