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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov-2011 Qualification of emerging point-of-load regulators for next generation power systems Adell, Philippe; Leon, Rosa
Nov-2011 Users guide on scaled CMOS reliability : NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program Office of Safety and Mission Assurance White, Mark; Cooper, Mark; Johnston, Allan
Nov-2011 ASIC fault coverage requirements for space application Heidecker, Jason
Nov-2011 The Jovian Equatorial Heavy Ion Radiation Garrett, H. B.; Kokorowski, M.; Kang, S.; Evans, R. W.; Cohen, C. M. S.
31-Oct-2011 Variable Coded Modulation (VCM) with AR4JA/C2 LDPC Codes Hamkins, Jon
31-Oct-2011 Cloud (and aerosol) remote sensing: thinking outside the photon state-space box Davis, Anthony B.
27-Oct-2011 The Jupiter environment tool Sturm II, Erick J.
27-Oct-2011 The Jupiter environment tool Sturm, Erick J. II
27-Oct-2011 Thermal energy storage with Supercritical Fluids (Super TES) Ganapathi, Gani B.; Wirz, Richard
27-Oct-2011 Mission implementation constraints on Planetary Muon Radiography Jones, Cathleen E.; Kedar, Sharon; Naudet, Charles; Webb, Frank
27-Oct-2011 Herschel measurements of molecular oxygen in Orion Goldsmith, Paul F.
27-Oct-2011 Detection of molecular oxygen in orion : an astrochemical dilemma Goldsmith, Paul F.; Bell, Tom; Black, John; Chen, Jo-Hsin; Hollenbach, David; Kaufman, Michael; Li, Di; Lis, Darek
27-Oct-2011 Monitoring the Earth's carbon cycle from space. Crisp, David
26-Oct-2011 Fault management at JPL : past, present and future Day, John; Ingham, Michel
24-Oct-2011 Interferometry in the USA : history of interferometry in the US and recent developments History; Traub, Wesley A.
21-Oct-2011 Project Report: design and analysis for the Deep Space Network BWG Type 2 antenna feed platform Carlton, Jason; Crawford, Andrew
20-Oct-2011 Semi-supervised novelty detection with adaptive eigenbases, and application to radio transients Thompson, David R.; Majid, Walid A.; Reed, Colorado J.; Wagstaff, Kiri L.
20-Oct-2011 Towards an automated classification of transient events in synoptic sky surveys Djorgovski, S. G.; Donalek, C.; Mahabal, A. A.; Moghaddam, B.; Turmon, M.; Graham, M. J.; Drake, A. J.; Sharma, N.; Chen, Y.
20-Oct-2011 JPL Science 101 : hunting exoplanets the Kepler Mission Gauthier, T. Nick
19-Oct-2011 Logic model checking of unintended acceleration claims in the 2005 Toyota Camry electronic throttle control system Gamble, Ed; Holman, Gerard
19-Oct-2011 The Development of NASA’s Fault Management Handbook Fesq, Lorraine
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