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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-2011 Single-Event Effect (SEE) survey of advanced reconfigurable field programmable gate arrays : NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Allen, Gregory
Dec-2011 Combinations of Earth Orientation Measurements : SPACE2010, COMB2010, and POLE2010 Ratcliff, J. T.; Gross, R. S.
29-Nov-2011 Command error modeling Meshkat, Leila; Bechta Dugan, Joanne; Faris, Grant
29-Nov-2011 Reliability analysis and standardization of spacecraft command generation processes. Meshkat, Leila; Grenander, Sven; Evensen, Ken
29-Nov-2011 Mars 2018 : Planetary protection and sample integrity focused technology development Lin, Ying
21-Nov-2011 Spatial analysis of the final four Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) landing sites. Calef, Fred
18-Nov-2011 6 Minutes of terror landing on Mars enables years of discoveries Lunar and Planetary Science and Exploration; Rainen, Richard
16-Nov-2011 Simulating future GPS clock scenarios with two composite clock algorithms Suess, Matthias; Matsakis, Demetrios; Greenhall, Charles A,
15-Nov-2011 An examination of the spatial distribution of carbon dioxide and systematic errors Gunson, Mike; Frankenberg, Christian; Osterman, Greg; Coffey, Brennan
15-Nov-2011 Sensor fusion for vision based localization : an overview Susca, Sara
11-Nov-2011 Mechanical design of NESSI: New Mexico Tech Extrasolar Spectroscopic Survey Instrument Santoro, Fernando G.; Olivares, Andres M.; Salcido, Christopher D.; Jimenez, Stephen R.; Jurgenson, Colby A.; Hrynevych, Michael A.; Creech-Eakman, Michelle J.; Boston, Penny J.; Schmidt, Luke M.; Bloemhard, Heather; Rodeheffer, Dan; Vaive, Genevieve; Vasisht, Gautam; Swain, Mark R.; Deroo, Pieter
11-Nov-2011 Atmospheric chemistry as a tool for Mars Exploration and discovery Allen, Mark
10-Nov-2011 Evaluation of kinetic and photochemical data for stratospheric research Sander, Stanley P.
10-Nov-2011 Progress towards the release of V6 : schedule and status Friedman, Steven
10-Nov-2011 Validation of AIRS V5 and Candidate V6 temperature profiles with GPS RO and water vapor skill score against Sonde data Wong, Sun; Dang, Van; Manning, Evan; Irion, Bill; Aumann, George; Wilson, Brian; Fetzer, Eric
9-Nov-2011 Using model based assurance to strengthen diagnostic procedures Lutz, Robyn; Johnson, Jeremy; Patterson-Hine, Ann
8-Nov-2011 Galaxy Evolution Explorer postcards from a PM Fanson, James
8-Nov-2011 V6 testing of mid-trop CO2 retrieval Olsend, Edward; Chen, Luke; Licata, Steve
8-Nov-2011 Introduction to V6 and V7 and recent science highlights Fetzer, Eric J.
7-Nov-2011 Evolution of planetesimals accreted in the early solar system. Matson, D. L.; Johnson, T. V.; Castillo-Rogez, J. C.; Thomas, P. C.
7-Nov-2011 An update on the Materials Development at JPL for Enhancing the specific energy and safety of Li-Ion cells West, William; Smart, Marshall; Bugga, Ratna Kumar
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