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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Mar-1992 Planetary Radar Astronomy Ostro, S. J.
May-1992 Microspacecraft Attitude Control Sevaston, G. E.
May-1992 Future Trends in Small Missions and the Need for Microtechnology Elachi, Charles
May-1992 Microspacecraft: A Concept Jones, R. M.
May-1992 Report of the Microspacecraft Panel Jones, Ross M.; Connolly, Denis
May-1992 Micro Guidance and Control Panel Recommendations DiBattista, J.; Hadaegh, F.; Keckler, C.
May-1992 Micro-Guidance and Control Synthesis: New Components, Architectures, and Capabilities Mettler, E.; Hadaegh, F.
May-1992 Control of Micromachined Deformable Mirrors Agronin, M. L.; Bartman, R.; Hadaegh, F. Y.; Kaiser, W.; Wang, P. K. C.
May-1992 (abstract) A Broad-Band Microseismometer for Planetary Applications Banerdt, W.B.; VanZandt, T.; Kaiser, W.J.; Kenny, T.W.
May-1992 Micro-Sensors for in-situ Meteorological Measurements Crisp, David; Kaiser, William J.; Vanzandt, Thomas R.
27-May-1992 Micro-Guidance & Control Technology Overview Kissel, Glen J.; Hadaegh, Fred Y.
27-May-1992 Abstract, Foreword, Summary Report for Workshop Proceedings: Microtechnology and Applications to Space Systems Wilson, B.A.
27-Jun-1992 Series-Fed-Type Linear Arrays of Dipole and Slot Elements Transversely Coupled to a Microstrip Line Gulintseff, A. N.
Jul-1992 The Southern Hemisphere VLBI Experiment (SHEVE) Preston, R. A.; Jauncey, D. L.; King, E. A.; Jones, D. L.; Ferris, R. H.; Hoard, D. W.; Campbell-Wilson, D.; Gwinn, C. R.; Jones, P. A.; Lovell, J. E. J.; Norris, R. P.; John, M. E. St.; Preston, R. A.; Meier, D. L.; Murphy, D. W.; Costa, M. E.; Amy, S. W.; Clay, R. W.; Hamilton, P. A.; Kemball, A. J.; McAdam, W. B.; Perlman, E.; Skjerve, L.; White, G. L.; Reynolds, J. E.; Tzioumis, A. K.; Nicolson, G. D.; Gough, R. G.; Blair, D. G.; Edwards, P.; Johnson, B.; Lobdell, E. T.; McCulloch, P. M.; Sinclair, M. W.; Wark, R. M.
Jul-1992 Complex Reconfigurable Free-spce Optical Interconnections Via Phase CGH in Spatial Light Modulators Liu, H-K.; Zhou, S.
20-Jul-1992 2.3 GHz VLBI Images of Southern Hemisphere Radio Galaxies and Quasars Murphy, David W.
20-Jul-1992 Multi-Epoch 8.4GHz VLBI Observations of the Nucleus of Centaurus A Meier, David L.
20-Jul-1992 Preliminary Space VLBI Requirements for Observing Time on Ground Radio Telescopes Meier, David L.; Murphy, David W.; Preston, Robert A.
Aug-1992 Use of Earth Gravity Assist for Near-Eaarth Asteroid Mission Penzo, P. A.
Aug-1992 Some Roles for NASA in Developing and Institutionalizing Ecological Knowledge Phillips, R. W.
Aug-1992 Space Station Freedom Current Status and Prospects Phillips, R. W.
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