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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jun-2012 Machine learning for exploring data streams, with lessons from the very long baseline array Thompson, David R.
6-Jun-2012 Automated sequence processor : something old, something new Streiffert, Barbara; Schrock, Mitchell; Fisher, Forest; Himes, Terry
7-Jun-2012 On the future of DTN Burleigh, Scott
8-Jun-2012 VML 3.0 reactive sequencing objects and matrix math operations for attitude profiling Grasso, Christopher A.; Riedel, Joseph E.
9-Jun-2012 Space-Based Measurements of CO2 from the Japanese Greenhouse Gases Observing Satellite (GOSAT) and the NASA Orbiting Carbon Observatory–2 (OCO-2 ) Missions Crisp, David
10-Jun-2012 Revamping spacecraft operational intelligence with Splunk Hwang, Victor; Documentation and Information Science
10-Jun-2012 Coronagraphic imaging of debris disks from a high-altitude balloon platform Unwin, Stephen C.; Traub, Wesley A.; Trauger, John T.; Bryden, Geoffrey; Krist, John; Stuchlik, David W.; Lillie, Charles F.
10-Jun-2012 SCaN network ground station receiver performance for future service support Estabrook, Polly; Lee, Dennis; Cheng, Michael; Lau, Chi-Wung
11-Jun-2012 Thermal imaging with novel infrared focal plane arrays and quantitative analysis of thermal imagery Gunapala, S. D.; Rafol, S. B.; Bandara, S. V.; Liu, J. K.; Mumolo, J. M.; Soibel, A.; Ting, D. Z.
11-Jun-2012 Agile Science Operations : a new approach for primitive exploration bodies Chien, Steve A.; Thompson, David R.; Castillo-Rogez, Julie C.; Doyle, Richard; Estlin, Tara; Mclaren, David
11-Jun-2012 Physics of failure analysis of Xilinx Flip chip CCGA packages. Suh, Jong-ook; Agarwal, Shri; Dillon, Peter; Sheldon, Doug
11-Jun-2012 Humanlike robots – synthetically mimicking humans Bar-Cohen, Yoseph
11-Jun-2012 Autonomous navigation for Deep Space Missions Space Communications, Spacecraft Communications, Command and Tracking; Bhaskaran, Shyam
11-Jun-2012 Autonomous navigation for Deep Space Missions Bhaskaran, Shyam
11-Jun-2012 Cassini orbit determination performance (July 2008 - December 2011) Pelletier, Frederic J.; Antreasian, Peter; Ardalan, Shadan; Buffington, Brent; Criddle, Kevin; Ionasescu, Rodica; Jacobson, Robert; Jones, Jeremy; Nandi, Sumita; Nolet, Simon; Parcher, Daniel; Roth, Duane; Smith, Jonathon; Thompson, Paul
11-Jun-2012 Cloud computing for mission design and operations Arrieta, Juan; Attiyah, Amy; Beswick, Robert; Gerasimantos, Dimitrios
11-Jun-2012 Designing mission operations for the Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory Mission Havens, Glen G.; Beerer, Joseph G.
11-Jun-2012 Operating the Dual-Orbtier GRAIL Mission to measure the Moon's gravity. Beerer, Joseph G.; Havens, Glen G.
11-Jun-2012 Automating mid- and long-range scheduling for NASA's Deep Space Network Johnston, Mark; Tran, Daniel; Arroyo, Belinda; Sorensen, Sugi; Tay, Peter
11-Jun-2012 A generalized timeline representation, services, and interface for Automating Space Mission Operations Chien, Steve; Johnston, Mark; Frank, Jeremy; Giuliano, Mark; Kavelaars, Alicia; Lenzen, Christoph; Policella, Nicola
11-Jun-2012 Automating mid- and long-range scheduling for NASA’s Deep Space Network Johnston, Mark D.; Tran, Daniel; Arroyo, Belinda; Sorensen, Sugi; Tay, Peter; Carruth, Butch; Coffman, Adam; Wallace, Mike
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