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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
23-Sep-2012 Cryogenic amplifier based receivers at submillimeter wavelengths Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Reck, Theodore and; Schlecht, Erich; Lin, Robert; Deal, William
23-Sep-2012 Curvature control of silicon microlens for THz dielectric antenna Lee, Choonsup; Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Cooper, Ken; Mehdi, Imran
24-Sep-2012 Provenance as a service for a multi-sensor merged climate data record Climatology; Hua, Hook; Wilson, Brian; Manipon, Gerald; Pan, Lei; Fetzer, Eric; Yue, Qing; Guillaume, Alexandre
24-Sep-2012 Study of movement and seepage along levees using DInSAR and the UAVSAR instrument Jones, Cathleen E.; Bawden, Gerald; Deverel, Steven; Dudas, Joel; Hensley, Scott
24-Sep-2012 An inter-comparison of two independent site test interferometers located in Goldstone, California : initial study results Morabito, David; D’Addario, Larry; Acosta, Roberto J.; Nessel, James A.
24-Sep-2012 On the onset of convection and differentiation in the hydrated cores of icy moons Sotin, C.; Reynard, B.
24-Sep-2012 Evolution of altimetry calibration and future challenges Fu, Lee-Lueng; Haines, Bruce J.
24-Sep-2012 The Proposed Surface Water and Ocean Topography (SWOT) Mission Fu, Lee-Lueng; Alsdorf, Douglas; Rodriguez, Ernesto; Morrow, Rosemary; Mognard, Nelly; Vaze, Parag; Lafon, Thierry
25-Sep-2012 Multiscale character of the water cycle * of Earth Stephens, Graeme L.
27-Sep-2012 Deepwater horizon oil slick characterization with UAVSAR Jones, Cathleen E.; Holt, Ben; Minchew, Brent
27-Sep-2012 Monitoring space weather for Mars Science Laboratory, on approach to Mars Ratliff, Martin
27-Sep-2012 Sensitivity analysis for Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) CO₂ retrieval Li, Zhijin
28-Sep-2012 High temperature ultrasonic transducers : material selection and testing Bar-Cohen, Joseph; Bruno, Alessandro
28-Sep-2012 Cassini SAR imagery of Titan and related work Stiles, Bryan
28-Sep-2012 Seasonal variability on Saturn’s Moons Mimas and Tethys Hendrix, A. R.; Cassidy, T. A.; Paranicas, C.; Teolis, B.; Hansen, C. J.
30-Sep-2012 Hyperspectral feature detection onboard the Earth Observing One Spacecraft using superpixel segmentation and endmember extraction Thompson, David R.; Bornstein, Benjamin; Bue, Brian D.; Tran, Daniel Q.; Chien, Steve A.; Castaño, Rebecca
Oct-2012 HyspIRI Cloud Mask Detection Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document Hulley, Glynn C.; Hook, Simon J.
Oct-2012 HyspIRI Thermal Infrared (TIR) Band Study Report Hulley, Glynn C.; Realmuto, Vincent; Hooke, Simon J.; Ramsey, M.
Oct-2012 International collaboration in satellite observations for disaster management Duda, Kenneth A.; Abrams, Michael
1-Oct-2012 MLS instrument operations status update Miller, Dominick
1-Oct-2012 TES GDS Instrument Team Ground Data System Reports Shepard, Doug
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