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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1992 Millimeter Continuum Measurements of Circumstellar Dust Around Very Young Low Mass Stars Terebey, S.; Chandler, C. J.; Andre, P.
Dec-1992 Multi-Beam Range Imager for Autonomous Operations Marzwell, N. I.; Lee, H. S.; Ramaswami, R.
Dec-1992 Deflection and Fragmentation of Near-Earth Asteroids Ahrens, Thomas J.; Harris, Alan W.
1-Dec-1992 Ultrastable Reference Frequency Distribution Utilizing a Fiber Optic Link Calhoun, M.; Kuhnle, P.
1-Dec-1992 Spacecraft Signal Sources Portable Test System Kirk, Albert; Kuhnle, Paul; Richard Sydnor; Diener, William
15-Dec-1992 Orbit Maintenance For Low Altitude Near-Circular Lunar Orbits Cook, Richard A.; Sweetser, Theodore H.
1993 Sub-Daily Northern Hemisphere Ionospheric Maps Using a World-Wide Network of GPS Receivers Wilson, Brian D.; Mannucci, Anthony J.; Edwards, Charles D.
1993 Computation and Application of the TOPEX/Poseidon Orbit Event File Spencer, David A.; Salama, Ahmed H.
1993 Investigation of the Antimony-Rich Part of the Ru-Sb System Caillat, T.; Borshchevsky, A.; Fleurial, J-P.
1993 Absolute Electron Impact Ionization Cross Sections for N<sub>2</sub>O and NO from Threshold up to 1000 eV Srivastava, S.; Iga, I.; Rao, M.
1993 Optical Scattering and Microroughness of Gold and Platinum Coatings Al-Jumaily, G.; Bennett, J.; Coulter, D.; Raouf, N.
1993 Numerical Solution of Wave Equations for the Stability of Inner Cometo-Sheath Srivastava, K.; Tsurutani, B.; Goldstein, B.
1993 Plasma Waves Downstream of Weak Collisionless Shocks Coroniti, F.; Greenstadt, E.; Moses, S.; Smith, E.; Tsurutani, B.
1993 Monitoring of Environmental Conditions in Taiga Forests Using ERS-1 SAR Data: Results From the Commissioning Phase Rignot, E.; Way, J. B.; McDonald, K.; Viereck, L.; Williams, C.; Adams, P.; Payne, C.; Wood, W.; Shi, J.
1993 Structural Mode Identification of Galileo Spacecraft from Flight Data Che-Hang Charles Ih; Shuh-Ren Lin; Edward C. Wong; Glenn A. Macala
1993 A High-Density GaAs Gate Array Chip Set for a Deep Space Digital Receiver Burke, G. R.
1993 The Initial Mass Function for Massive Stars in the Magellanic Clouds. I. UBV Photometry and CM Diagrams for 14 OB Associations Hill, R.; Madore, B.; Freedman, W.
1993 Interhemispheric Comparison of the Development of the Stratospheric Polar Vortex During Fall: A 3-Dimensional Perspective for 1991 ??92 Manney, G.; Zurek, R.
1993 Fluorescene of Buckminsterfullerenes: UV Emission of C<sub>60</sub><sup>+</sup> and C<sub>70</sub><sup>+</sup> Trajmar, S.; Wang, S.; Man, K.F.; Khakoo, M.A.
1993 Composition of Pulse-Laser-Deposited Y-Ba-Cu-O and Ba-K-Bi-O Thin Films Foote, M.; Vasquez, R.; Jones, B.; Hunt, B.; Barner, J.
1993 The Origin and Evolution of the Deep Space Network Waff, C.
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