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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
5-Feb-2012 Addressing the influence of space weather on airline navigation Sparks, Lawrence
5-Feb-2012 Lessons Learned in porting flight software to a multicore processor Oyake, Amalaye
6-Feb-2012 G-12 Task Group No. 2010-01 Class Y: a new QML Class for non-hermetic space products Agarwal, S.; Carlson, R.; Sunderland, D.; Akbar, M.; Harzstark, L.
6-Feb-2012 Yearly progress update on the Class Y Initiative : infusion of new technology into the QML system Agarwal, Shri
8-Feb-2012 Implementing the Mars Science Laboratory terminal descent sensor field test campaign Montgomery, Jim
8-Feb-2012 Implementing the Mars Science Laboratory terminal descent sensor field test campaign Montgomery, James F.; Bodie, James H.; Brown, Joseph D.; Chen, Allen; Chen, Curtis W. C; Essmiller, John C.; Fisher, Charles D.; Goldberg, Hannah R.; Lee, Steven W.; Shaffer, Scott J.
8-Feb-2012 Understanding spacecraft agility for orbit transfers on the Dawn Low-Thrust Mission Smith, Brett A.; Vanelli, C. Anthony; Lee, Allan Y.
8-Feb-2012 Stardust-NExT : lessons learned from a comet flyby mission Wolf, Aron; Larson, Tim; Thompson, Paul; McElrath, Tim; Bhaskaran, Shyam; Chesley, Steve; Klaasen, Ken; Cheuvront, Allan
13-Feb-2012 Sounding selection V2.9 cast study and implementation Mandrake, Lukas
13-Feb-2012 A stochastic structure function for light curves Moghaddam, Baback
14-Feb-2012 OCO-2 absorption cross sections Thompson, David R.; Brown, Linda; Benner, Chris; Crisp, Dave; Devi, Malathy; Jiang, Yibo; Miller, Charles E.; Oyafuso, Fabiano; Sung, Keeyoon
14-Feb-2012 Level 2 Timing Smyth, Mike
14-Feb-2012 The square kilometre array Lazio, Joseph
15-Feb-2012 On-shore central hydraulic power generation for wind and tidal energy Jones, Jack A.; Bruce, Allan; Lim, Steven; Murray, Luke; Armstrong, Richard; Kimbrall, Richard; Cook-Chenault, Kimberly; DeGennaro, Sean
15-Feb-2012 In-flight performance of the TES Loop Heat Pipe Rejection System : seven years in space Rodriguez, Jose I.; Na-Nakornpanom, Arthur
15-Feb-2012 Target mode Natraj, Vijay; O’Dell, Chris; O’Brien, Denis
16-Feb-2012 Use of the Deep Impact HRI instrument to observe exoplanets via microlensing Wissler, Steve; Bennett, David; Larson, Tim
16-Feb-2012 Analysis of AIRS CO2 sensitivity to surface CO2 flux using GEOS-Chem adjoint model Liu, Junjie; Bowman, Kevin; Henze, Daven; Kalnay, Euenia; Fung, Inez; Kang, Ji-Sun; Olsen, Edward
17-Feb-2012 The mission loads environment and structural design of the Mars Science Laboratory Structural Mechanics; Lee, Darlene
18-Feb-2012 Likelihood-based climate model evaluation Braverman, Amy; Cressie, Noel; Teixeira, Joao
20-Feb-2012 MISR 17.6 KM gridded cloud motion vectors: overview and assessment Mueller, Kevin; Garay, Michael; Moroney, Catherine; Jovanovic, Veljko
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