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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
13-Dec-2011 MISR as trailblazer in atmospheric (cloud and/or aerosol) tomography Davis, Anthony B.; Garay, Michael J.; Diner, David J.; Martonchik, John V.; von Allmen, Paul; Balen, Guillaume
13-Dec-2011 CII Data Interface Guidelines Bornstein, Ben
16-Dec-2011 Multiclass continuous correspondence learning Bue, Brian D,; Thompson, David R.
16-Dec-2011 Interference-resistant real time adaptive detection Thompson, David R.; Wagstaff, Kiri L.; Majidff, Walid A.; Reed, Colorado J.
19-Dec-2011 Toward a communications satellite network for humanitarian relief Burleigh, Scott C.; Birrane, Edward J.
20-Dec-2011 A non-drag-free gravitational-wave mission architecture Folkner, William
20-Dec-2011 Closing the gap between specication and programming : Vᴆᴍ⁺⁺ and Sᴄᴀlᴀ Havelund, Klaus
20-Dec-2011 Toward a communications satellite network for humanitarian relief Burleigh, Scott; Birrane, Ed
22-Dec-2011 Magnetosphere emissions from extrasolar planets : present and future prospects. Lazio, Joseph; Farrell, W. M.; Majid, W.
2012 Characterization of friction joints subjected to high levels of random vibration Mechanical Engineering; de Santos, Omar; MacNeal, Paul
2012 JPL develops MBSE tools to perform business case analysis for DARPA's F6 program Cornford, Steve; Cole, Bjorn
2012 Science benefits of onboard spacecraft navigation Cangahuala, Al; Bhaskaran, Shyam; Owen, Bill
3-Jan-2012 Using collaborative engineering to inform collaboration engineering Cooper, Lynne P.
4-Jan-2012 Carbon Dioxide and GIS : CO2 Virtual Science Data Environment Goodale, Cameron; Law, Emily; Hart, Andrew; Verma, Rishi
4-Jan-2012 Low noise amplifiers and receivers for remote sensing. Kangaslahti, Pekka; Lim, Boon; Gaier, Todd; Tanner, Alan; Varonen, Mikko; Samoska, Lorene; Brown, Shannon; Lambrigsten, Bjorn; Reising, Steven; Tanabe, Jordan; Montes, Oliver; Dawson, Douglas; Parashare, Chaitali
5-Jan-2012 Cloud Computing @ JPL Science Data Systems Law, Emily
6-Jan-2012 Modeling radar scatter from icy and young rough lunar craters Thompson, Thomas (Tommy); Ustinov, Eugene; Spudis, Paul; Fessler, Brian
6-Jan-2012 Lunar Science Burns, Jack; Lazio, Joseph
7-Jan-2012 Technology development for exoplanet missions : TDEM-09 Status Report Lawson, Peter; Levine, Marie
9-Jan-2012 Eta-Sub-Earth Projection from Kepler Data Traub, Wesley A.
9-Jan-2012 Toward on-line data mining and event detection in petascale data streams Thompson, David R.; Wagstaff, Kiri L.
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