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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Feb-2012 Orion flight test architecture benefits of MBSE approach Reed, Don; Simpson, Kim
22-Feb-2012 New measurements for understanding the terrestrial water cycle Evans, Diane
22-Feb-2012 Building communities of engineers to share technical expertise Topousis, Daria E.; Dennehy, Cornelius J.; Fesq, Lorraine M.
22-Feb-2012 JPL Innovation Foundry Sherwood, Brent; McCleese, Daniel J.
22-Feb-2012 Why good engineers give bad cost estimates : results of psychological research Garner, Jordan
22-Feb-2012 Managing GRAIL: Launching on Cost, on Schedule, and on Spec Taylor, Randall L.
22-Feb-2012 Ensuring the success of 5 NASA/JPL projects launched in 8 Months Zieger, Rod; Hunter, John
22-Feb-2012 Building a cost effective portfolio management system : yes you can! Maleki, Linda; Trinh, Cindy
22-Feb-2012 Systems engineering using models : EFT-1 case study McVittie, Thomas; Sindiy, Oleg; Simpson, Kim
24-Feb-2012 Earth Science at JPL Evans, Diane
25-Feb-2012 The Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) MMRTG In-Flight : a power update Woerner, David; Moreno, Victor; Jones, Loren; Zimmerman, Robert; Wood, Eric
28-Feb-2012 Evolving ground system engineering practices to meet the needs of future space missions Crean, Kathleen; Sindiy, Oleg; Lock, Patricia; Giovannoni, Brian; Bonanne, Kevin
29-Feb-2012 Juno Instrument Data Pipeline Monitoring a.k.a. “Where’s My Data?" Jackson, Maddalena; Thornton, Marla
29-Feb-2012 Monitoring the Carbon Cycle From Space: The GOSAT and OCO-2 Missions Crisp, David
29-Feb-2012 The Atmospheric Carbon Observations from Space (ACOS) GOSAT Product Crisp, David
29-Feb-2012 Status of the OCO-2 Mission Crisp, David
Mar-2012 Xilinx V4 Package reliability : properties and reliability of LP2 underfill material Suh, Jong-ook; Dillon, Robert Peter
Mar-2012 Galileo interim radiation electron model : update—2012 Garrett, H. B.; Kokorowski, M.; Jun, I.; Evans, R. W.
Mar-2012 Characterization of Polymer Tantalum Capacitors, FY11 Spence, Penelope; Reed, Erik
Mar-2012 FY11 End of Year Report NEPP SOC Devices Guertin, Steven M.
1-Mar-2012 Machine learning methods for real time and archival classification of astronomical transients and variables Rebbapragada, Umaa
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