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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Mar-2012 Driving ATHLETE: analysis of operational efficiency Townsend, Julie; Mittman, David
3-Mar-2012 Driving ATHLETE: analysis of operational efficiency Townsend, Julie; Mittman, David
4-Mar-2012 Command and data handling system for the Panchromatic Fourier Transform Spectrometer Bekker, Dmitriy; Blavier, Jean-François; Fu, Dejian; Key, Richard; Manatt, Ken; McKinney, Colin; Rider, David; Sander, Stanley; Werne, Thomas; Wu, Amy; Wu, Yen-Hung
4-Mar-2012 Effects of tropospheric spatio-temporal correlated noise on the Analysis of Space Geodetic Data Romero-Wolf, A.; Jacobs, C.S.; Ratcli, J. T.
4-Mar-2012 Getting a cohesive answer from a common start : scalable multidisciplinary analysis through transformation of a systems model Cole, Bjorn; Chung, Seung
4-Mar-2012 Improving the landing precision of an MSL-class vehicle Wolf, Aron; Casoliva, Jordi; Benito, Joel; Acikmese, Behcet; Ploen, Scott
5-Mar-2012 Recent developments of the Geostationary Synthetic Thinned Array Radiometer (GEOSTAR) Tanner, Alan; Gaier, Todd; Kangaslahti, Pekka; Lim, Boon; Lambrigtsen, Bjorn; Ruf, Chris
5-Mar-2012 Numerical simulations of the ICM Radiative MHD using the MACH Family of Codes. Mikellides, I. G.; Mikellides, P. G.; Tassis, K.; Yorke, H. W.
5-Mar-2012 The X/Ka-band Extragalactic Reference Frame Garcia-Miro, Cristina; Sotuela, I.; Jacobs, C. S.; Clark, J. E.; Romero-Wolf, A.; Horiuchi, S.; Snedeker, L .G.
5-Mar-2012 The potential for a Ka-band (32 GHz) worldwide VLBI network Jacobs, C. S.; Bach, U.; Colomer, F.; Garcia-Miro, C.; Gomez-Gonzalez, J.; Gulyaev, S.; Horiuchi, S.; Ichikawa, R.; Kraus, A.; Kronschnabl, G.; Lopez-Fernandez, J. A.; Lovell, J.; Majid, W.; Natusch, T.; Neidhardt, A.; Phillips, C.; Porcas, R.; Romero-Wolf, A.; Saldana, L.; Schreiber, U.; Sotuela, I.; Takeuchi, H.; Trinh, J.; Tzioumis, A.; de Vincente, P.; Zharov, V.; Saldana, L.
5-Mar-2012 End-to-end data flow on the Soil Soisture Active Passive (SMAP) mission Deems, Elizabeth; Swan, Chris; Weiss, Barry
5-Mar-2012 An ontology for state analysis : formalizing the mapping to SysML Wagner, David; Rouquette, Nicolas; Jenkins, Steve; Bennett, Matthew; Ingham, Michel
5-Mar-2012 Analysis of Phoenix anomalies and IV&V findings applied to the GRAIL mission Larson, Steve
5-Mar-2012 Cognitive Bias in Systems Verification Larson, Steve
5-Mar-2012 Conceptual development of the DESDynI mission Eisen, Howard J.; Jai, Ben; Rosen, Paul A.; Veilleux, Louise; Xaypraseuth, Peter
5-Mar-2012 MSL DAN Science Investigation : physical simulation of DAN Jun, Insoo
5-Mar-2012 Sample sealing approaches for Mars Sample Return Caching Younse, Paulo; de Alwis, Thimal; Backes, Paul; Trebi-Ollennu, Ashitey
5-Mar-2012 Using polarimetric SAR data to infer soil moisture from surfaces with varying subsurface moisture profiles Khankhoje, Uday K.; van Zyl, Jakob; Kim, Yunjin; Cwik, Thomas
6-Mar-2012 Distributed Motor Controller (DMC) for operation in extreme environments McKinney, Colin M.; Yager, Jeremy A.; Mojarradi, Mohammad M.; Some, Rafi; Sirota, Allen; Kopf, Ted; Stern, Ryan; Hunter, Don
6-Mar-2012 Recent development of component technologies for 2 μm LIDAR at JPL Forouhar, Siamak; Briggs, Ryan; Frez, Clifford; Bagheri, Mahmood; Ksendzov, Alexander; Menzies, Robert; Hyon, Jason
7-Mar-2012 Geostationary Carbon Process Mapper (GCPM) Key, Richard; Sander, Stanley; Eldering, Annmarie; Miller, Charles; Frankenberg, Christian; Natraj, Vijay; Rider, David; Blavier, Jean-François; Bekker, Dmitriy; Wu, Yen-Hung
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