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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Sep-2011 Observing tsunamis in the ionosphere using ground based GPS measurements Galvan, D. A.; Komjathy, A.; Tony Song, Y.; Stephens, P.; Hickey, M. P.; Foster, J.
20-Sep-2011 Electromagnetic counterparts to LIGO-VIRGO events : expanding very large array observations Lazio, Joseph; Chynoweth, Katie; Jenet, Fredrick; Crieghton, Teviet; Kassim, Namir
22-Sep-2011 Cost Model Comparison : a study of internally and commercially developed cost models in use by NASA Gupta, Garima
22-Sep-2011 Implementation of motion simulation software and visual-auditory electronics for use in a low gravity robotic testbed. Martin, William Campbell
22-Sep-2011 The future of NASA’s human spaceflight program presented to the San Gabriel Valley Section - AIAA Simpson, Kimberly
22-Sep-2011 Active optics for UV/Vis/IR space telescopes. Unwin, S.; Redding, D.; Wellman, J.; Lillie, C.
23-Sep-2011 Recent advances on InSAR temporal decorrelation : theory and observations using UAVSAR Lavalle, M.; Hensley, S.; Simard, M.
23-Sep-2011 In-situ science sample acquisition and handling on Mars : the 2007 Phoenix Lander and 2011 Mars Science Laboratory Robinson, Matthew
23-Sep-2011 Current-sensitive path planning for an underactuated free-floating ocean sensorweb Dahl, Kristen P.; Thompson, David R.; McLaren, David; Chao, Yi; Chien, Steve
25-Sep-2011 Large terrain modeling and visualization for planets Myint, Steven; Jain, Abhinandan; Cameron, Jonathan; Lim, Christopher
25-Sep-2011 Spaceborne cloud and precipitation radar applications Tanelli, S.
25-Sep-2011 Process algebra approach for action recognition in the maritime domain Huntsberger, Terry
26-Sep-2011 Height and thickness of a scattering (aerosol or cloud) layer from space-based O2 A-band spectroscopy : an analytical approach Davis, Anthony B.
26-Sep-2011 VLBI: Radio Interferometry for Celestial and Terrestrial Frames Jacob, Christopher S.
26-Sep-2011 APR-2 tropical cyclone observations Durden, S.; Tanelli, S.
26-Sep-2011 Runtime verification with state estimation Stoller, Scott D.; Bartocci, Ezio; Seyster, Justin; Grosu, Radu; Havelund, Klaus; Smolka, Scott A.; Zadok, Erez
26-Sep-2011 Radar technology development at NASA/JPL Rosen, Paul A.
26-Sep-2011 APR-2 tropical cyclone observations Durden, S. L.; Tanelli, S.
26-Sep-2011 Risk balance : a key tool for mission operations assurance. Bryant, Larry W.; Faris, Grant B.
26-Sep-2011 Safe maritime navigation with COLREGs using velocity obstacles Kuwata, Yoshiaki; Wolf, Michael T.; Zarzhitsky, Dimitri; Huntsberger, Terrance L.
27-Sep-2011 Reducing the risk and improving mission success for NASA's Human Mission to a Near-Earth Asteroid : how many robotic surveyors? Smith, Jeffrey H.; Lincoln, William P.; Weisbin, Charles R.
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