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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Proceedings of the 2004 NASA/JPL Workshop on Physics for Planetary Exploration Strayer, Donald M.
21-May-1974 An introduction to JPL's orbit determination program Panagiotacoupulos, N. D.; Zielenbach, J. W.; Duesing, R. W.
Jun-1981 Assessment of advanced coal gasification processes McCarthy, John; Ferrall, Joseph; Charng, Thomas; Houseman, John
15-Jul-1981 Progress Report 18 for the period February to July 1981 and Proceedings of the 18th Project Integration Meeting. -
Feb-1989 An analysis of digital phase-locked loops Thomas, J. B.
Sep-1989 The Modern Role of Visual Observations of Comets Larson, S. M.; Edberg, S. J.; Levy, D. H.
1992 Mission Analysis for Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (LISA) Hechler, F.; Folkner, W. M.
1992 Smart Focal-Plane Technology for Micro-Instruments and Micro-Rovers Fossum, Eric R.
1992 Lunar Base Siting Staehle, R. L.; Burke, J. D.; Snyder, G. C.; Dowling, R.; Spudis, P. D.
1992 Comparison of Goldstone and Magellan Radar Data in the Equatorial Plains of Venus Plaut, J.; Arvidson, R.
1992 Planetary Radar Ostro, S. J.
1992 Left-Slip Evolution of the North Owl Creek Fault System, Wyoming, During Laramide Shortening Paylor, E.; Yin, A.
1992 An Evaluation of the National Meteorological Center Weekly Hindcast of Upper-Ocean Temperature Along the Eastern Pacific Equator in January 1992 Halpern, D.
1992 Optimum Detection of Frequency-Hopped Signals Cheng, Unjeng; Levitt, Barry; Polydoros, Andreas; Simon, Marvin K.
1992 Validation of Special Sensor Microwave Imager Monthly-Mean Wind Speed From July 1987 to December 1989 Halpern, D.
1992 Terrestrial Response to Eruptive Solar Flares: Geomagnetic Storms Gonzalez, W.
1992 Effect of Cooling on Boundary-Layer Stability at Mach Number 3 Mack, L.
1992 An Analog Processor for Image Compression Tawel, R.
31-Jan-1992 An Analysis of the History of Dust Activity on Mars Martin, L.
15-Feb-1992 Laboratory reflectance spectra of 160 minerals, 0.4 to 2.5 micrometers Grove, C. I.; Hook, S. J.; Paylor, E. D. III
Mar-1992 Planetary Radar Astronomy Ostro, S. J.
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