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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Jul-2012 Metadata-Centric Discovery Service Huang, Thomas; Armstrong, Edward; Chung, Nga
16-Jul-2012 Implications of BRF uncertainties to AOD retrievals Seidel, Felix; Popp, Christoph
16-Jul-2012 Benchmarking forward 1D radiative transfer & inverse problems solutions at JPL Davis, Anthony B.; Kalashnikova, Olga A.
16-Jul-2012 Mars Science Laboratory entry descent and landing simulation using DSENDS Burkhart, P. Daniel; Casoliva, Jordi; Balaram, Bob
16-Jul-2012 Single event rates for devices sensitive to particle energy Edmonds, L. D.; Scheick, L. Z.; Banker, M. W.
16-Jul-2012 Radar remote sensing Rosen, Paul A.
16-Jul-2012 Sustained satellite missions for climate data records Halpern, David
16-Jul-2012 Radial Internal Material Handling System (RIMS) for circular habitat volumes Howe, A. Scott; Haselschwardt, Sally
16-Jul-2012 Programmatic impact of SDRAM SEFI Guertin, Steven M.; Allen, Gregory R.; Sheldon, Douglas J.
16-Jul-2012 Compendium of single-event latchup and total ionizing dose test results of commercial analog to digital converters Irom, Farokh; Agarwal, Shri G.
16-Jul-2012 Compendium of recent test results of single event effects conducted by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Allen, Gregory R.; Guertin, Steven M.; Scheick, Leif Z.; Irom, Farokh; Zajac, Stephanie
16-Jul-2012 Thermal testing of the Compositional InfraRed Imaging Spectrometer (CIRIS) Berisford, Daniel F; Hand, Kevin P.; Younse, Paulo J.; Keymeulen, Didier; Carlson, Robert
16-Jul-2012 In-flight performance of the TES Loop Heat Pipe Rejection System : seven years in space Rodriquez, Jose I.; Na-Nakornpanom, Arthur
15-Jul-2012 Enhancing Cassini Operations & Science Planning Toolṡ Conner, Diane; Mittman, David; Castello, Jonathan
15-Jul-2012 Bacterial, archaeal, and fungal diversity of spacecraft-associated surfaces Venkateswaran, Kasthuri; La Duc, Myron T.; Vaishampayan, Parag
15-Jul-2012 Rapid analysis, self-calibrating array for air monitoring Homer, Margie L.; Shevade, Abhijit V.; Lara, Liana; Huerta, Ramon; Vergara, Alexander; Muezzinoglua, Mehmet K.
15-Jul-2012 From concept-to-flight : an active active fluid loop based thermal control system for Mars Science Laboratory Rover Birur, Gajanana C.; Bhandari, Pradeep; Bame, David; Karlmann, Paul; Mastropietro, A. J.; Liu, Yuanming; Miller, Jennifer; Pauken, Michael; Lyra, Jacqueline
15-Jul-2012 From concept-to-flight : an active thermal control system for Mars Science Laboratory Rover Birur, Gaj
15-Jul-2012 Review and assessment of JPL’s thermal margins Siebes, G.; Kingery, C.; Farguson, C.; White, M.; Blakely, M.; Nunes, J.; Avila, A.; Man, K.; Hoffman, A.; Forgrave, J.
15-Jul-2012 Mars Scientific Laboratory rover system thermal test Novak, Keith; Kempenaar, Joshua; Liu, Yuanming; Dudik, Brenda
15-Jul-2012 Launch pad closeout operations for the Mars Science Laboratory’s Heat Rejection System Mastropietro, A. J.; Bame, Dave; Birur, Gajanana; Bhandari, Pradeep; Miller, Jennifer; Cucullu, Gordy; Lyra, Jacqueline
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