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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jul-2012 Spectroscopy of exoplanet atmospheres with the FINESSE Explorer Deroo, Pieter; Swain, Mark R.; Green, Robert O.
1-Jul-2012 The Kepler Exoplanet survey : instrumentation, performance, and results Gautier, Thomas N.
1-Jul-2012 Coronagraphic imaging of debris disks from a high altitude balloon platform Instrumentation and Photography; Unwin, Stephen; Traub, Wesley; Bryden, Geoffrey; Brugarolas, Paul; Chen, Pin; Guyon, Olivier; Hillenbrand, Lynne; Kasdin, Jeremy; Krist, John; Macintosh, Bruce; Mawet, Dimitri; Mennesson, Bertrand; Moody, Dwight; Roberts, Lewis C. Jr; Stapelfeldt, Karl; Stuchlik, David; Trauger, John; Vasisht, Gautam
1-Jul-2012 Coronagraphic imaging of debris disks from a high-altitude balloon platform Unwin, Stephen C; Traub, Wesley A.; Trauger, John T.; Bryden, Geoffrey; Krist, John; Stuchlik, David W.; Lillie, Charles F.
1-Jul-2012 Spitzer operations : scheduling the out years Mahoney, William A.; Effertz, Mark J.; Fisher, Mark E.; Garcia, Lisa J.; Hunt, Joseph C. Jr.; Mannings, Vincent; McElroy, Douglas B.; Scire, Elena
1-Jul-2012 Graph cover ensembles of non-binary protograph LDPC codes Divsalar, Dariush; Dolecek, Lara
1-Jul-2012 Experimental validation of Advanced Dispersed Fringe Sensing (ADFS) algorithm using Advanced Wavefront sensing and Correction Testbed (AWCT) Wang, Xu; Shi, Fang; Sigrist, Norbert; Seo, Byoung-Joon; Tang, Hong; Bikkannavar, Siddarayappa; Basinger, Scott; Lay, Oliver
1-Jul-2012 Results from the PALM-3000 high-order adaptive optics system Roberts, Jennifer E.; Dekany, Richard G.; Burruss, Rick S.; Baranec, Christoph; Bouchez, Antonin; Croner, Ernest E.; Guiwits, Stephen R.; Hale, David D. S.; Henning, John R.; Palmer, Dean L.; Troy, Mitchell; Truong, Tuan N.; Zolkower, Jeffry
1-Jul-2012 A phase-shifting Zernike wavefront sensor for the Palomar P3K Adaptive Optics System Wallace, J. Kent; Crawford, Sam; Loya, Frank; Moore, James
1-Jul-2012 Design and Implementation of the PALM-3000 Real-Time Control System Truong, Tuan N.; Bouchez, Antonin H.; Burruss, Rick S.; Dekany, Richard G.; Guiwits, Stephen R.; Roberts, Jennifer E.; Shelton, Jean C.; Troy, Mitchell
1-Jul-2012 Development in high-density Cobra fiber positioners for the Subaru Telescope's prime focus spectrometer Instrumentation and Photography; Fisher, Charles D.; Braun, David F.; Kaluzny, Joel V.; Seiffert, Mic D.; Dekany, Richard G.; Ellis, Richard S.; Smith, Roger S.
1-Jul-2012 A first order wavefront estimation algorithm for P1640 calibrator Zhaia, C.; Vasisht, G.; Shao, M.; Lockhart, T.; Cady, E.; Oppenheimer, B.; Burruss, R.; Roberts, J.; Beichman, C.; Brenner, D.; Crepp, J.; Dekany, R.; Hinkley, S.; Hillenbrand, L.; Parry, I.; Pueyo, L.; Rice, E.; Roberts, L. C. Jr.; Sivaramakrishnan, A.; Soummer, R.; Vescelus, F.; Wallace, K.; Zimmerman, N.
Jul-2012 Principled System Architecture : prerequisite for resilience Rasmussen, Robert
28-Jun-2012 JPL counterfeit parts avoidance Risse, Lori
28-Jun-2012 Whispering gallery mode resonators for frequency metrology applications Baumgartel, Lukas; Yu, Nan
28-Jun-2012 Piezoelectric actuated drills developed at JPL and the Percussive Augmenter of Rotary Drills (PARoD) Bar-Cohen, Yoseph; Sherrit, Stewart; Badescu, Mircea; Bao, Xiaoqi; Chang, Zensheu
27-Jun-2012 Lossless convexification of control constraints for a class of nonlinear optimal control problems Blackmore, Lars; Acikmese, Behcet; Carson, John M.,III
27-Jun-2012 What is Team X? Warfield, Keith
27-Jun-2012 OPALS: A COTS-based tech demo of optical communications. Oaida, Bogdan
27-Jun-2012 A SPICE update. Acton, Charles H.
27-Jun-2012 Thermal analysis using assembly FEMs in Teamcenter, NX and Space Systems Thermal Krylo, Robert
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