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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Apr-2012 Goal-Based Fault Management Dvorak, Daniel
10-Apr-2012 Logistics, Scope, Goals Fesq, Lorraine
10-Apr-2012 Coalescing NASA’s views of fault and health management Muirhead, Brian K.; Fesq, Lorraine
5-Apr-2012 Facilities Maintenance and Operations Wright, William
5-Apr-2012 Spectroscopic characterization of extra-solar planet atmospheres Deroo, Pieter
3-Apr-2012 NASA'S concept for a human mission to a near-earth asteroid : preference tradeoffs for the surveyor decision problem Smith, Jeffrey H.
3-Apr-2012 The atomic to molecular transition in the interstellar medium Goldsmith, Paul F.
2-Apr-2012 Analysis of SDRAM SEFIs Guertin, Steven M.
2-Apr-2012 Post Phase II SBIR Transi# on Programs (Phase II-‐E and Related Sources) Lewis, Carol R.
2-Apr-2012 Whispering gallery resonators dispersion as internal temperature reference Strekalov, Dmitry V.; Baumgartel, Lukas; Tompson, Rob; Grudinin, Ivan; Yu, Nan
2-Apr-2012 Terahertz Radiometer for Outer Planet and Moon Atmospheres (TROPA) Schlecht, E. T.; Jamnejad, V.; Jarnot, R. F.; Raffanti, R.; Lin, R.
Apr-2012 VLBA astrometry of planetary orbiters Jones, Dayton; Fomalont, Ed; Dhawan, Vivek; Romney, Jon; Folkner, William; Jacobson, Robert; Lanyi, Gabor; Border, James
Apr-2012 FY11 end of year report for NEPP DDR2 Reliability Guertin, Steven M.
30-Mar-2012 Remote sensing for assessing fire severity and combustion completeness in SoCal and AZ Veraverbeke, Sander; Hook, S.; Hulley, G.; Harris, S.
30-Mar-2012 Cal Poly Innovation Jam Reder, Leonard
30-Mar-2012 Ionospheric signatures in radio occultation data Mannucci, Anthony J.; Ao, Chi; Kursinkski, E. Robert
30-Mar-2012 Assessment of radio occultation observations to improve space weather nowcasts using the JPL/USC Global Assimilative Ionosphere Model Mannucci, Anthony J.; Komjathy, Attila; Butala, Mark; Pi, Xiaoqing; Verkhoglyadova, Olga; Iijima, Byron; Wilson, Brian D.; Akopian, Vardan
27-Mar-2012 Our changing climate from space a global perspective Crisp, David
26-Mar-2012 Carbon Dioxide Measurements from Space: The Japanese GOSAT and NASA OCO-2 Missions Crisp, David
26-Mar-2012 Optics design for the U.S. SKA technology development project design verification antenna Imbriale, W. A.; Baker, L.; Cortes-Medellin, G.
25-Mar-2012 Earthquake damage assessment using objective image segmentation: a case study of 2010 Haiti earthquake Oommen, Thomas; Rebbapragada, Umaa; Cerminaro, Daniel
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