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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Jun-2012 Spacecraft status report : 2001 Mars Odyssey Boyles, Carole
18-Jun-2012 Ultra-stable oscillators for probe radio science investigations Asmar, Sami
18-Jun-2012 OpTIIX : an ISS-based testbed paving the roadmap toward a Next Generation, large aperture UV/optical space telescope Carpenter, Kenneth G.; Etemad, Shar; McElwain, Mike; Seery, Bernard D.; Thronson, Harley; Burdick, Gary M.; Coulter, Dan; Goullioud, Renaud; Green, Joseph J.; Liu, Fengchuan
18-Jun-2012 Impact of water broadening on atmospheric CO2 retrievals for the OCO-2 Mission Oyafuso, F.; Thompson, David R.; Brown Linda L.; Crisp, David; Jiang, Yibo; Sung, Keeyoon; Miller, Charles; Payne, Vivienne; Benner, Chris; Dev, Malathy
17-Jun-2012 Advanced cathodes and electrolytes for high energy and safe of Li-ion cells West, W. C.; Smart, M. C.; Ratnakumar, B. V.
17-Jun-2012 Low noise amplifier receivers from millimeter wave atmospheric remote sensing Kangaslahti, Pekka; Lim, Boon; Gaier, Todd; Tanner, Alan; Varonen, Mikko; Samoska, Lorene; Brown, Shannon; Lambrigsten, Bjorn; Reising, Steven; Tanabe, Jordan; Montes, Oliver; Dawson, Douglas; Parashare, Chaitali
17-Jun-2012 InP HEMT integrated circuits for submillimeter wave radiometers in Earth remote sensing Deal, William R.; Chattopadhyay, Goutam
17-Jun-2012 Complementary barrier infrared detector (CBIRD) with double tunnel junction contact and quantum dot barrier infrared detector (QD-BIRD) Ting, David Z.-Y; Soibel, Alexander; Khoshakhlagh, Arezou; Keo, Sam A.; Nguyen, Jean; Höglund, Linda; Mumolo, Jason M.; Liu, John K.; Rafol, Sir B.; Hill, Cory J.; Gunapala, Sarath D.
16-Jun-2012 New Approaches in force-limited vibration testing of flight hardware Kolaini, Ali R.; Kern, Dennis L.
16-Jun-2012 W-band heterodyne receiver module with 27 K noise temperature Gawande, R.; Reeves, R.; Cleary, K.; Readhead, A. C.; Gaier, T.; Kangaslahti, P.; Samoska, L.; Church, S.; Sieth, M.; Voll, P.; Harris, A.; Lai, R.; Sarkozy, S.
14-Jun-2012 Toxicity Sample Return Tech Demo Muirhead, Brian K.; Stansbery, Eileen K.; Wilcox, Brian H.; Rivellini, Tommaso P.; Strange, Nathan J.; McElrath, Tim; Manning, Rob
14-Jun-2012 Research update and further perspectives from JPL Veraverbeke, Sander; Hook, S. J.
14-Jun-2012 ULH water vapor measurements during ATTREX Autumn 2011 deployment Herman, Bob; Troy, R.; Fu, D.; Natzic, D.; Landeros, J.
14-Jun-2012 Low temperature double-layer capacitors with improved energy density: an overview of recent development efforts Brandon, Erik J.; West, William C.; Smart, Marshall C.; Yushin, Gleb; Korenblit, Yair; Kajdos, Adam; Kvit, Alexander; Jagiello, Jacek
14-Jun-2012 Replacing the CCSDS Telecommand Protocol with the Next Generation Uplink (NGU) Kazz, Greg J.; Greenberg, Ed; Burleigh, Scott C.
14-Jun-2012 The keys to successful extended missions Manor-Chapman, Emily A.
14-Jun-2012 Dust hazard management in the outer solar system Seal, David A.
14-Jun-2012 Timeline as unifying concept for spacecraft operations Reinholtz, Kirk
14-Jun-2012 Autonomous Navigation performance during The Hartley 2 comet flyby Instrumentation and Photography; Abrahamson, Matthew J; Kennedy, Brian A.; Bhaskaran, Shyam
14-Jun-2012 Autonomous navigation performance during the Hartley 2 comet flyby Abrahamson, Matthew; Kennedy, Brian; Bhaskaran, Shyam
14-Jun-2012 Achieving BLISS : challenges for building fast, ultra-sensitive transition-edge sensors. Beyer, Andrew D.; Runyan, M. C.; Kenyon, M.; Echternach, P. M .; Chui, T.; Bumble, B.; Bradford, C. M.; Holmes, W. A.; Bock, J. J.
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