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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
24-Apr-2012 Variations of AIRS CO2 in the polar region Jiang, Xun; Olsen, Edward; Wang, Jingqian; Pagano, Thomas; Chen, Luke; Yung, Yuk
24-Apr-2012 Mission Operations Assurance Faris, Grant
24-Apr-2012 A Communications Network for Cislunar Operations Burleigh, Scott
24-Apr-2012 A systems modeling approach for risk management of command file errors Meshkat, Leila
24-Apr-2012 Flash lidar performance testing : configuration and results Poberezhskiy, Ilya; Johnson, Andrew; Chang, Daniel; Ek, Eric; Natzic, David; Spiers, Gary; Penniman, Steve; Short, Brad
24-Apr-2012 A deterministic annealing approach to clustering AIRS data Guillaume, Alexandre; Braverman, Amy; Ruzmaikin, Alexander
24-Apr-2012 Current NPP sounder PEATE processing capabilities Starch, Michael
24-Apr-2012 EOS MLS Lessons Learned : design ideas for safer and lower cost operations Miller, Dominick
24-Apr-2012 High-performance LWIR superlattice detectors and FPA based on CBIRD design Soibel, Alexander; Nguyen, Jean; Khoshakhlagh, Arezou; Rafol, Sir B.; Hoeglund, Linda; Keo, Sam A.; Mumolo, Jason M.; Liu, John; Liao, Anna; Ting, David Z.-Y.; Gunapala, Sarath D.
24-Apr-2012 AIRS project status and future applications Pagano, Thomas S.
23-Apr-2012 A real-time digital beam forming trigger for radio detection of ultrahigh energy particles Romero-Wolf, Andres
23-Apr-2012 The InSAR Scientific Computing Environment Rosen, Paul A.; Gurrola, Eric; Sacco, Gian Franco; Zebker, Howard
23-Apr-2012 Using arm and hand gestures to command robots during stealth operations Stoica, Adrian; Assad, Chris; Wolf, Michael; You, Ki Sung; Pavone, Marco; Huntsberger, Terry; Iwashita, Yumi
23-Apr-2012 Using WorldView-2 imagery to track flooding in Thailand in a multi-asset sensorweb McLaren, David; Doubleday, Joshua; Chien, Steve
23-Apr-2012 Automatic estimation of volcanic ash plume height using WorldView-2 imagery McLaren, David; Thompson, David R.; Davies, Ashley G.; Gudmundsson, Magnus T.; Chien, Steve
23-Apr-2012 Capacity and coded performance of optical binary DPSK Hamkins, Jon
23-Apr-2012 First results from an airborne Ka-band SAR using SweepSAR and Digital Beamforming Sadowy, Gregory A.; Ghaemi, Hirad; Hensley, Scott C.
23-Apr-2012 Piezocomposite actuator arrays for correcting and controlling wavefront error in reflectors Bradford, Samuel Case; Peterson, Lee D.; Ohara, Catherine M.; Shi, Fang; Agnes, Greg S.; Hoffman, Samuel M.; Wilkie, William Keats
23-Apr-2012 Array technology for terahertz imaging Reck, Theodore; Siles, Jose; Jung, Cecile; Gill, John; Lee, Choonsup; Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Mehdi, Imran; Cooper, Ken
23-Apr-2012 SAR Polarimetry van Zyl, Jakob J.
23-Apr-2012 320 x 256 complementary barrier infrared detector focal plane array for long-wave infrared imaging Nguyen, Jean; Rafol, Sir B.; Soibel, Alexander; Khoskhlagh, Arezou; Ting, David Z.-Y.; Liu, John K.; Mumolo, Jason M.; Gunapala, Sarath D.
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