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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2-Oct-2011 MIRO observation of Comet C/2002 T7 (LINEAR) water line spectrum Lee, Seungwon; Frerking, Margaret
2-Oct-2011 Temperature variations of Saturn rings with viewing geometries from Prime to Equinox Cassini Missions. Deau, E. A.; Spilker, L. J.; Morishima, R.; Brooks, S.; Pilorz, S.; Altobelli, N.
2-Oct-2011 Titan’s ammonia feature Smythe, W.; Nelson, R.; Boryta, M.; Choukroun, M.
2-Oct-2011 On the non-monotonic variation of the opposition surge morphology with albedo exhibited by satellites’ surface Deau, E. A.; Spilker, L. J.; Flandes, A.
2-Oct-2011 Optimal asteroid mass determination from planetary range observations ; a study of a simplified test model Kuchynka, P.; Laskar, J.; Fienga, A.
Oct-2011 Radiation tests of highly scaled, high-density, commercial, nonvolatile NAND flash memories— Update 2011 : NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Irom, Farokh; Nguyen, Duc N.
29-Sep-2011 Safe maritime navigation with COLREGS using velocity obstacles Kuwata, Yoshiaki; Wolf, Michael; Zarzhitsky, Dimitri; Huntsberger, Terrance L.
29-Sep-2011 Risk balance : a key tool for mission operations assurance. Bryant, Larry; Faris, Grant
29-Sep-2011 Effects of tropospheric spatio-temporal correlated noise on the analysis of space geodetic data. Romero-Wolf, A. F.; Jacobs, C. S.
29-Sep-2011 Weak gravitational lensing in the laboratory : status update to Weak lenging science GREAT-10 meeting Seshadri, S.; Smith, R.; Rhodes, J.; Fucik, J.; Goodsall, T.; Rowe, B.; Jullo, E.; Peay, C.; Velur, V.
28-Sep-2011 The M9.0 Tohoku and M6.3 Christchurch earthquakes : what we’ve learned about the capabilities and limits of space geodesy. Owen, Susan; Simons, Mark; Webb, Frank; Yun, Sang-Ho; Fielding, Eric; Cruz, Jennifer
28-Sep-2011 Remote sensing technologies for disaster mitigation and response Donnellan, Andrea
27-Sep-2011 ATHLETE mobility performance in long-range traverse Townsend, Julie
27-Sep-2011 Physics-based simulator for NEO exploration analysis & simulation Balaram, J. (Bob); Cameron, J.; Jain, A.; Kline, H.; Lim, C.; Mazhar, H.; Myint, S.; Nayar, H.; Patton, R.; Pomerantz, M.; Quadrelli, M.; Shakkotai, P.; Tso, K.
27-Sep-2011 Characterizing distributed concurrent engineering teams: a descriptive framework for aerospace concurrent engineering design teams Chattopadhyay, Debarati; Hihn, Jairus; Warfield, Keith
27-Sep-2011 Aerospace concurrent engineering design teams : current state, next steps and a vision for the future Hihn, Jairus; Chattopadhyay, Debarati; Karpati, Gabriel; McGuire, Melissa; Borden, Chester; Panek, John; Warfield, Keith
27-Sep-2011 TAMU: a new space mission operations paradigm Meshkat, Leila; Ruszkowski, James; Haensly, Jean; Pennington, Granvil A.; Hogle, Charles
27-Sep-2011 Internal versus external DSLs for trace analysis: extended abstract Barringer, Howard; Havelund, Klaus
27-Sep-2011 ATHLETE : low gravity testbed Frost, Matthew; Qi, Jay Y.
27-Sep-2011 Remote Sensing for Atmospheric Evidence of Martian Habitability and Habitancy Allen, Mark; Witasse, Olivier
27-Sep-2011 Reducing the risk and improving mission success for NASA's Human Mission to a Near-Earth Asteroid : how many robotic surveyors? Smith, Jeffrey H.; Lincoln, William P.; Weisbin, Charles R.
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