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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
9-Dec-2011 Adding semantics and OPM ontology for the provenance of multi-sensor merged climate data records. Now what about reproducibility? Hua, Hook; Manipon, Gerald; Wilson, Brian; Pan, Lei; Fetzer, Eric; Yue, Qing; Guillaume, Alexandre
8-Dec-2011 Enhancing contact graph routing for delay tolerant space networking Seguí, John; Jennings, Esther; Burleigh, Scot
8-Dec-2011 High-performance LWIR superlattice detectors and FPA based on CBIRD design Soibel, Alexander; Nguyen, Jean; Rafol, Sir B.; Liao, Anna; Hoeglund, Linda; Khoshakhlagh, Arezou; Keou, Sam A.; Mumolo, Jason M.; Liu, John; Ting, David Z.-Y.; Gunapala, Sarath D.
8-Dec-2011 Air-­‐sea CO2 flux estimates from two data-­constrained ocean models for the NASA Carbon Monitoring Study Flux Pilot Project Brix, Holger; Menemenlis, D.; Gregg, W.; Bowman, K.; Dutkiewicz, S.; Fisher, J.; Follows, M.; Hill, C.; Jahn, O.; Lee, M.; Liu, J.; Ott, L.; Wang, D.
7-Dec-2011 Leveraging open standards and technologies @ the Lunar Mapping & Modeling Project (LMMP) Law, Emily
7-Dec-2011 Strategies for infusing ISO 19115 metadata in Earth Science Data Systems Hua, Hook; Weiss, Barry
7-Dec-2011 Models of fractionation in disks Willacy, Karen; Turner, Neal; Woods, Paul
6-Dec-2011 Characterizing extreme ionospheric storms Sparks, L.; Komjathy, A.; Altshuler, E.
6-Dec-2011 JPL develops MBSE tools to perform business case analysis for DARPA's F6 program Cornford, Steve; Durham, Bryce
6-Dec-2011 On the seasonal variation of stable isotopic composition of precipitation over Asian monsoon region Lee, Jung-Eun; Fung, Inez; Risi, Camille; Worden, John; Scheepmaker, Remco; Frankenberg, Christian
5-Dec-2011 Progress with the Atmospheric Carbon Obervations from Space (ACOS) project in preparation for the Orbiting Carbon Observatory (OCO-2) Gunson, M.R.; Eldering, A.; Crisp, D.; Miller, C.E.
5-Dec-2011 Air-­‐sea CO2 flux estimates from two data‐constrained ocean models for the NASA carbon monitoring study flux pilot project Brix, Holger; Menemenlis, D.; Gregg, W.; Bowman, K.; Dutkiewicz, S.; Fisher, J.; Follows, M.; Hill, C.; Jahn, O.; Lee, M.; Liu, J.; Ott, L.; Wang, D.
5-Dec-2011 Analysis of Proximity-1 Space Link Interleaved Time Synchronization (PITS) protocol Woo, Simon S.
5-Dec-2011 Cloud (and aerosol) information content analysis for EPIC/DSCOVR's oxygen A- and B- channels. Davis, Anthony B.; Sanghavi, Suniti V.
5-Dec-2011 Circumstellar environments of luminous infrared stellar objects in the magellanic clouds Azari, Abigail
5-Dec-2011 Biomimetics and the development of humanlike robots as the ultimate challenge Bar-Cohen, Yoseph
4-Dec-2011 Triple oxygen isotope data characterize oxidation processes that produce sulfate on Earth (and Mars?) Christensen, Justin; Kohl, Issaku; Coleman, Max
2-Dec-2011 Future Applica-ons of ISSM : Ice/Ocean coupling Menemenlis, Dimitris
1-Dec-2011 Capturing whispers from space : the Deep Space Network. Lutz, Ota; Jacobs, Chris
Dec-2011 Modeling the effects of hydrogen and dose rate sensitivity in CMOS and bipolar technologies Adell, Philippe; Sanchez, Ivan; Barnaby, Hugh
Dec-2011 Single-Event Effect (SEE) survey of advanced reconfigurable field programmable gate arrays : NASA Electronic Parts and Packaging (NEPP) Program Office of Safety and Mission Assurance Allen, Gregory
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