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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Dec-1992 Millimeter Continuum Measurements of Circumstellar Dust Around Very Young Low Mass Stars Terebey, S.; Chandler, C. J.; Andre, P.
Dec-1992 High-Precision VLBI Astrometric Observations of Radio-Emitting Stars for Detection of Extra-Solar Planets Lestrade, J-F.; Jones, D. L.; Prestion, R. A.; Phillips, R. B.
Dec-1992 The Astrometric Imaging Telescope: Detection of Planetary Systems with Imaging and Astrometry Pravdo, S. H.; Ftaclas, C.; Gatewood, G. D.; Levy, E. H.; Terrile, R. J.
22-Nov-1992 Deep Space Network Antennas Mathison, R.P.
17-Nov-1992 Using the SPICE System to Help Plan and Interpret Space Science Observations Jr., Charles H. Acton
17-Nov-1992 A MOS for All Seasons Bryant, L.
16-Nov-1992 Representing Operations Procedures Using Temporal Dependency Algorithms Fayyad, K.; Cooper, L.
5-Nov-1992 User Scientific Data Systems: Experience Report Dobinson, Elain R.
3-Nov-1992 Optimal estimation of rain rate profiles from single-frequency radar echoes. Haddad, Ziad S.; Im, Eastwood
Nov-1992 Situation Management in the Link Monitor and Control Operator Assistant (LMCOA) Jr., Randall W. Hill; Lee, Lorrine F.
Nov-1992 An OSI Architecture for the Deep Space Network Heuser, W. Randy; Cooper, Lynne P.
Nov-1992 Spacecraft Cooler Characterization Johnson, D. L.; Mon, G. R.; Rodd, R. G. Jr.
Nov-1992 Control /Structure Interaction Technology for the Microdynamic Regime Laskin, R. A.
Nov-1992 LinkWinds: An Approach to Visual Data Analysis Jacobson, Allan S.
Nov-1992 optical Instruments for Remote Sensing from Space Chrisp, Michael P.
16-Oct-1992 Interferometric Observations of Non-Maser SiO Emission from Circumstellar Envelopes of AGB Stars: Acceleration Regions and SiO Depletion Sahai, R.; Bieging, J.H.
15-Oct-1992 Measurement And Simulation of Signal Fluctuations Caused By Propagation Through Trees Durden, Stephen L.; Klein, Jeffrey D.; Zebker, Howard A.
Oct-1992 The Scattering and Acceleration of Water Group Ions Due to Oblique Nonlinear Magnetosonic Waves: With Application to Comets Srivastava, Krishna M.; Bruce T. Tsurutani; Goldstein, Bruce E.; Sharma, V.; Okada, M.
28-Sep-1992 Evolving Directions in NASA's Planetary Rover Requirements and Technology Weisbin, C.; Montemerlo, M.; Whittaker, W.
8-Sep-1992 The Starburst-AGN Connection: A Sensitive VLBI Survey of Luminous IRAS Galaxies Lonsdale, Colin J.; Smith, Harding E.; Lonsdale, Carol J.
Aug-1992 Space Station Freedom Current Status and Prospects Phillips, R. W.
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