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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Multiple-spacecraft reconfigurations through collision avoidance, bouncing, and stalemate Kim, Y.; Mesbahi, M.; Hadaegh, F. Y.
NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescopes's operational mission experience Wilson, Robert K.; Scott, Charles P.
Rest architecture for link analysis tools portal Cheung, Kar-Ming; Lee, Charles; Lee, Carlyn-­‐Ann
Radar waveform pulse analysis measurement system for high-power GaN amplifiers Thrivikraman, Tushar; Perkovic-Martin, Dragana; Jenabi, Masud; Hoffman, James
17-Mar-2014 Spot: a programming language emphasizing safety Gostelow, Kim; Bocchino, Robert L. Jr.; Gamble, Ed; Som, Raft
5-Jan-2014 AFTA-WFIRST coronagraph instrument status report - ExoPAG Zhao, Feng
4-Jan-2014 Exoplanet direct imaging: coronagraph probe mission study "EXO-C" Stapelfeldt, Karl; Brenner, Michael
30-Dec-2013 AFTA coronagraph results subsequent to down-select Gehrels, N.; Traub, W.; Krist, J.; Content, D.; Grady, K.; Blackwood, G.; Guyon, O.; Kasdin, J.; Macintosh, B.; Trauger, J.
16-Dec-2013 FSW is TWO systems, not one Burleigh, Scott
16-Dec-2013 Next generation flight computing: a joint investment of NASA and AFRL Doyle, Richard; Mounce, Gabriel; Avery, Keith; Powell, Wesley; Johnson, Michael; Some, Raphael; Gostelow, Kim; Lai, John; Bergman, Larry; Whitaker, William; Goforth, Montgomery
14-Dec-2013 Silicon micromachining for terahertz component development Chattopadhyay, Goutam; Reck, Theodore J.; Jung-Kubiak, Cecile; Siles, Jose V.; Lee, Choonsup; Lin, Robert; Mehdi, Imran
13-Dec-2013 AFTA Coronagraph Working Group recommendation to Astrophysics Division Blackwood, Gary; Grady, Kevin
11-Dec-2013 OCO-2 (Orbiting Carbon Observatory-2) on schedule for a 01 July 2014 launch Basilio, Ralph
10-Dec-2013 Determination of outlier DDR2 devices for improved space missions Guertin, Steven M.
10-Dec-2013 Analysis of accelerated lift test for BME capacitors Sheldon, Douglas
10-Dec-2013 The gravitational-wave discovery space of pulsar timing arrays Cutler, Curt; Burke-Spolaor, Sarah; Vallisneri, Michelle; Lazio, Joseph; Majid, Walid
9-Dec-2013 Data preservation and curation for the planetary science community Hughes, J.S.; Crichton, D.J.; Joyner, R.; Hardman, S.; Rye, E.
9-Dec-2013 Impact of model resolution in ACOS-xCO₂ observation assimilation Weidner, R.; Lee, M.; Duren, R.; Miller, C.
9-Dec-2013 Overview and analysis of ACOS B3.4 XCO2 O'Dell, Chris; Polonsky, Igor; Frankenberg, Christian; Crisp, David; Eldering, Annmarie; Gunson, Michael; Wunch, Debra; Wennberg, Paul; Basu, Sourish; Chevallier, Frederic
9-Dec-2013 The expected performance from the NASA OCO-2 mission Crisp, David; Eldering, Annmarie; Gunson, Michael; Pollock, Randy
5-Dec-2013 Automatic focusing for a 675 GHz imaging radar with target standoff distances from 14 to 34 meters Tang, Adrian; Cooper, Ken B.; Dengler, Robert J.; Llombart, Nuria; Siegel, Peter H.
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