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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Multiple-spacecraft reconfigurations through collision avoidance, bouncing, and stalemate Kim, Y.; Mesbahi, M.; Hadaegh, F. Y.
NASA’s Spitzer Space Telescopes's operational mission experience Wilson, Robert K.; Scott, Charles P.
Rest architecture for link analysis tools portal Cheung, Kar-Ming; Lee, Charles; Lee, Carlyn-­‐Ann
Radar waveform pulse analysis measurement system for high-power GaN amplifiers Thrivikraman, Tushar; Perkovic-Martin, Dragana; Jenabi, Masud; Hoffman, James
21-Oct-2014 AE geomagnetic index predictability for high speed solar wind streams: a wavelet decomposition technique Guarnieri, Fernando L.; Tsurutani, Bruce T.; Hajra, Rajkumar; Echer, Ezequiel; Gonzalez, Walter D.; Mannucci, Anthony J.
21-Oct-2014 MHD Simulations of stream interaction regions: modeling carrington rotations 2109 and 2123 Manchester, Chip; van der Holst, Bart
21-Oct-2014 Quantifying storm-time thermospheric density and neutral wind variations - importance of accurate specification of magnetospheric forcing Lu, Gang; Hagan, Maura; Häusler, Kathrin; Doornbos, Eelco; Bruinsma, Sean; Forbes, Jeff; Zhang, Xiaoli
21-Oct-2014 Forcing of the coupled ionosphere-thermosphere (IT) system during magnetic storms Huang, Cheryl; Huang, Yanshi; Su, Yi-Jiun; Sutton, Eric; Hairston, Marc; Coley, W. Robin; Doornbos, Eelco; Zhang, Yongliang
21-Oct-2014 Challenges in forecasting the quiescent thermosphere-ionosphere variability that underlies responses to extreme space weather events Hagan, Maura; Hausler, Kathrin; Maute, Astrid; Lu, Gang
21-Oct-2014 Energy inputs uncertainty: total amount, distribution and correlation between different forms of energy Deng, Yue
21-Oct-2014 Development of a multimodel ensemble prediction system to specify ionospheric weather Pi, Xiaoqing; Butala, Mark; Mannucci, Anthony J.; Wilson, Brian D.; Komjathy, Attila; Wang, Chunming; Rosen, Gary; Schunk, Robert W.; Scherliess, Ludger; Eccles, Vince; Gardner, Larry C.; Sojka, Jan J.; Zhu, Lie
21-Oct-2014 Energy transport and partitioning in CIR-HSS events: modeling and observations Verkhoglyadova, O.P.; Meng, X.; Mannucci, A.J.; Tsurutani, B.T.; Mlynczak, M.; Hunt, L.A.
21-Oct-2014 Quantifying ionospheric TEC forecasts for high-speed-stream events Meng, X.; Mannucci, A. J.; Verkhoglyadova, O. P.
21-Oct-2014 Medium range thermosphere-ionosphere storm forecasts Mannucci, Anthony; Meng, Xing; Verkhoglyadova, Olga; Tsurutani, Bruce; Pi, Xiaoqing; Wang, Chunming; Rosen, Gary; Sharma, Surja; Lynch, Erin; Kalnay, Eugenia; Ide, Kayo; Manchester, Ward; van der Holst, Bart; Ridley, Aaron; Emery, Barbara; Deng, Yue; Shim, Ja Soon; Kuznetsova, Masha; Vourlidas, Angelos; MacNeice, Peter; Bristow, William; Hysell, Dave; Lotko, William
1-Sep-2014 Aeroflex Technology as Class-Y Demonstrator Suh, Jong-ook; Agarwal, Shri; Popelar, Scott
4-Aug-2014 Human missions to Mars orbit, phobos, and Mars surface using 100-kWe-class solar electric propulsion Price, Humphrey W.; Woolley, Ryan C.; Strange, Nathan J.; Baker, John D.
4-Aug-2014 Human missions to Mars orbit, Phobos, and Mars surface using 100-kWe-class solar electric propulsion Price, Hoppy; Baker, John; Strange, Nathan; Woolley, Ryan
4-Jun-2014 Safe maritime autonomous path planning in a high sea state Ono, Masahiro; Quadrelli, Marco; Huntsberger, Terrance L.
17-Apr-2014 AE (Acoustic Emission) for Flip-Chip CGA/FCBGA defect detection Ghaffarian, Reza
17-Mar-2014 Spot: a programming language emphasizing safety Gostelow, Kim; Bocchino, Robert L. Jr.; Gamble, Ed; Som, Raft
1-Mar-2014 Link analysis for space communication links using ARQ protocol Cheung, Kar-Ming; Lau, Chi-Wung; Lee, Charles
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